Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying have announced their divorce, ending their seven-year marriage

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On the afternoon of January 28, 2022, Huang Xiaoming and Baby Baby suddenly announced that they had divorced after seven years of marriage, with the message “Thank you for everything in the past, you will still be my family in the future”.Looking at the entire timeline, both of them posted their tweets at exactly 1 noon on The 28th.From the point of view of the time, it can be seen that this is the result of a discussion between the two people. Why the time was finally set at 1 o ‘clock is unknown.On the same day, the staff of Huang xiaoming’s studio issued a notice, saying that Huang xiaoming and Baby’s separation was amicable through negotiation.Two people have broken off the engagement through normal procedures, for the son sponge will try to raise, give him a good childhood.In order to protect their families and avoid excessive public interference, their staff will not respond to any further messages on the matter.For those who slander artists, we will pursue to the end.The content of baby’s announcement is roughly the same as that issued by Huang Xiaoming.It is not difficult to see from the announcement of both sides, the two must have discussed many times, and finally reached an agreement.A few days ago, baby spoke to the media about his relationship with Huang xiaoming and the baby when the TV station recorded the Spring Festival gala, saying that the three of them are doing well.Now, suddenly, they have officially announced their divorce.This makes the netizens who like them feel very sudden.If their marital status has been ambiguous in terms of individual market value, it could also be the effect of their contract.Many companies only value their marriage and will tie them together completely.In April last year, some Internet users revealed that Huang xiaoming had a new cooperation as a spokesman under the leadership of state media.Huang Xiaoming was also photographed with Baby Sponge, taking him out for medical treatment, which is also a kind of long-lost together.However, it’s also interesting that no matter how many rumors are out there, they don’t deny it to their face and it’s only through the media.Just as the news of Her divorce had not been announced at the time, there were also rumors that She could not let the news of her divorce affect the company’s image because of business problems.But in fact, their marriage seems to have broken down.At first, in the 2020 show Breaking The Waves, the news that Lee called Huang Xiaoming her brother appeared on the show during the taping on January 6, probably because Ying couldn’t stand the rumored information.This time, she changed her careless attitude and directly said on social media that their breakup had nothing to do with me.The whole article showed her innocence.Later, Mr. Huang issued a statement saying it was his fault, not his wife’s.In fact, judging from baby’s statement, it’s pretty funny.”Huang Xiaoming” at the beginning of the article, “Mr. Huang” at the end of the article.I don’t know if it was because I was too angry to organize the language for a while, so the names were different, which made the relationship between the two people seem very distant.In addition, in Huang Xiaoming’s response, also appears to be very outside.I don’t know how to say baby.Would it be more appropriate to use the term “third party”?But before that, every time they showed up, they were polite, and baby’s statements were strong.While Huang wanted to help his wife deny the rumors, the lack of protection in his tone also raised suspicion.Since their marriage, Huang’s job opportunities have declined significantly, while Angelababy’s business value has been on the rise, Huang’s value has fallen sharply.For example, he only worked on one sideburns in 2020, but in 2019, he recorded multiple variety shows.It’s not a lot of work, but it has a certain quality.Baby, on the other hand, has been ambivalent about divorce.Earlier, when divorce rumours erupted, she posted a series of photos on Instagram of a cheating boy, in which a girl asked: “Did you cheat?”The boy replied: “I didn’t,” and the stunt sparked a heated discussion, but baby later explained in the comments section: “I just thought it looked good, so please don’t think too much about it.”All in all, their marriage may have met the crisis early.In previous years, both of them have timed their birthdays to send their best wishes to each other.But in the past two years, they stopped sending birthday wishes to each other and barely interacted on social platforms.I guess the divorce never came out.The main reason is also for the growth of the son at home.After all, sponge is only five years old so far, and they don’t want the outside world to interfere with their child’s growth.June 2019 was the last time the two publicly interacted at the event, according to media reports.It was also the last time the two men appeared in the same shot.Since then, there has been little interaction.It’s been almost two and a half years so far.Now it seems that this has laid the groundwork for a break-up.In fact, many celebrity couples are portrayed badly by the media after marriage and end up divorcing.Many women retire from the entertainment industry after marriage and find it difficult to return after divorce.However, Baby is an exception. After her marriage, she is more active than before, and even ranks higher than Huang in the entertainment industry.After marrying Huang Xiaoming, baby, a famous model, successfully entered the entertainment industry.In 2017, she went straight into the top 10 earning list of Chinese celebrities, earning almost the same as her husband huang Xiaoming.However, according to recent data, Baby has moved up a notch and is far ahead of Huang.The resources are endless, and many luxury endorsements have come to her.Whether it is suspicion between husband and wife, financial problems, or the fragmentation of two people because they are busy with their careers, this is the main cause of their marriage problems.Their son is still very young.Both of them should take more responsibility for the future placement of their children.Hopefully they can raise their child together after the amicable split, because the child is innocent.