Transportation departments to do a good job in the Qingming holiday travel guarantee

2022-07-12 0 By

China’s transport authorities have taken measures to ensure passengers’ travel today (April 3), the first day of the Qingming Festival holiday, reported.Today, the overall operation of the national road network is smooth and orderly, and road travel is dominated by short and medium distance self-driving.From 9 am to 12 am, a number of expressways out of Beijing were congested, and Beijing public security and traffic departments immediately launched plans to ensure smooth roads around country parks and other areas.Yunxi county, Hubei province, traffic police and other departments composed of 26 special teams, 286 village traffic advice staff in the large passenger flow, many curves in the county, township road sections to place warning signs and on-site guidance measures, to ensure the safety of outing, root-seeking tourists and vehicles.Today, railways across the country are implementing the “One map a day” policy, with more bullet trains operating in major tourist cities to meet the needs of passengers amid the epidemic prevention and control.Nanchang railway department resumed operation of Nanchang to Longyan, Yingtan, Jingdezhen and other short-distance direction of 13 pairs of trains;Chengdu-chongqing intercity railway, the fastest land passage between the two cities, saw an increase in passenger flow than usual, with 24.5 pairs of fuxing high-speed trains running.Today, China’s civil aviation and waterway passenger transport is stable and orderly, and the number of passengers sent has decreased year-on-year.