Public cultural venues such as libraries and city study rooms opened in Luoyang on Monday

2022-07-12 0 By

Public cultural venues such as libraries, cultural centers (stations) and urban study rooms opened in an orderly manner from February 8.In light of the changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation in Zhuhai, the city decided to resume the opening of public cultural venues including libraries, cultural centers (stations) and urban libraries from February 8.The municipal library, the municipal Cultural Center and the municipal children’s Library were reopened on February 8.Public cultural venues such as libraries, cultural centers (stations) and urban study rooms in all counties and districts should be reopened in an orderly manner after receiving approval from county and district epidemic prevention and control departments on the basis of implementing the measures to normalize epidemic prevention and control.Public cultural venues at all levels should follow the guidelines on Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures for Public Libraries and Cultural Centers (Stations) of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Revised edition in November 2021) to strictly implement measures such as reservation registration, wearing masks, “one-meter noodles”, taking body temperature, showing health codes and travel codes, and real-name registration.Measures should be taken to limit the flow of people, and total control and dynamic control should be carried out on the number of people admitted.It is necessary to strengthen staff health testing and management, do a good job in venue disinfection prevention and control, strengthen management and service for people entering and leaving venues, and do a good job in handling abnormal situations.(Source: Luoyang Tourism)