Power is strong, the level of appearance or the focus, this suit yourself?Evaluate MMG HS

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China’s domestic car industry has long been the envy of many countries, and the boom has come as its own technology has become the backbone of a market that relied on foreign technology 2,000 years ago.In order to cater to the preferences of consumers, many car companies have played the flag of sports and practical, and introduced younger SUV models to the market, which also fully demonstrates the dependence of domestic consumers on SUV. Now, MMG is to bring you sporty models.It is 2020 20T automatic two – drive super luxury version VI Mg HS.In fact, mg’s efforts in the aspect of appearance level can be seen by everyone. For example, the design of this car, with the inverted trapezoidal grille, also uses the Star decoration design, and the middle is placed with the car logo. This design is very popular at present, for example, some Mercedes-benz models also use similar design.Headlights are attached to both sides of the grille, and although they have an open-eye design, the chrome trim on the grille keeps them out, somewhat obtrusive but harmless.Designers in order to make the car body movement, but does not lose that occupy the home feeling, adopted the style of edges and corners, and also add a lot of fruity and sloping processing, such as the line of the upper window looks gentle, but the location of the triangle in the line of the edges and corners are stronger to decorate, at the same time the door below also adopted the tilt of the line to adorn,This makes the body look more sporty.The rear of the car is more eye-catching or the lower bilateral single exhaust, the exhaust port is also large, looks more imposing, and the taillight is more general, because it is not through the design, so it is not too strong attraction, fortunately, the lamp brings to improve its identification effect.Interior design, the overall line is more conservative, such as the shape of the steering wheel, the position of the speaker is more round, and the key area line is more orderly, looks more neat.The central console also adopts similar design techniques, especially the buttons below, neatly arranged, so that many patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder have been cured.In terms of configuration, the LCD instrument panel is not present, let alone the active safety system.The large screen measures 10.1 inches, but the display is far from delicate.The power aspect is more satisfactory. Although the engine is 1.5T, the maximum power is 124kW and the maximum torque is 250N·m. The engine is squeezed out a lot of power, but the gearbox is a 7 retaining dry double clutch.But this dry dual clutch in the traffic jam will not only have a more obvious sense of frustration, but also in terms of life will be greatly reduced, even if the driving feeling is better, later car mood will make people more worried.To sum up this car, design is its focus, whether it is the appearance or interior, have their own unique side, configuration slightly “light”, power performance or good, but the performance of the double clutch gearbox is not very satisfactory.Overall, for the price of around 110,000, this car is still slightly inadequate, the car needs to be carefully considered.