Enterprise registration innovation haian issued the first “according to multiple sites” business license

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“‘ Multiple access ‘is really convenient!With this business license, we don’t need to apply for a branch.This reform has greatly reduced the operating and administrative costs of our company. It’s really convenient!”March 29, Haian billion letter car sales Co., LTD., Mr. Ding from the window staff took over the business license, excitedly said.Haian Yixin Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. is an automobile sales enterprise, because of business expansion reasons, need to choose a place to carry out business activities.The company to the window to consult how to handle branch, the window informed that can apply for “according to more than one address” registration.Under the guidance of the window staff, the company quickly prepared the relevant materials and handled the first “one according to multiple sites” business license in Haian City, and really enjoyed the dividend brought by the reform.Since this year, The Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval of Haian City has been guided by convenience and efficiency, benefiting enterprises and people. Centering on the “68 Measures for Optimizing and Improving The Business Environment of Haian City”, it has continuously deepened the reform of delegating power, administration and services, improved the convenience of enterprise registration, and made every effort to create the business environment service brand of “Wanshi Good Tong hai Xin ‘an”.The reform of “one address and multiple addresses” is another reform and innovation measure after the Enterprise cluster registration and medical insurance registration were incorporated into the enterprise start-up process by The Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Haian City in 2022. It promotes the in-depth development of the reform of commercial registration in Haian City and brings more sense of gain and happiness to enterprises.Correspondent Zhao Yu, Xu Yimin, proofread Su Yun