New spring from the new trend to make the city better | go ahead and open a new bureau!Qingdao High-tech Zone held a work summary in 2021 and a work mobilization meeting in 2022

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On the morning of February 8th, Qingdao High-tech Zone held a work summary in 2021 and a work mobilization meeting in 2022.Vice mayor of Qingdao, Qingdao high-tech zone committee secretary brzozowski t m to attend the meeting and delivered a speech, both chengyang district party committee secretary, Qingdao high-tech zone committee deputy secretary lu peng chaired the meeting, both chengyang district party committee, deputy secretary of the district, Qingdao high-tech zone committee, vice secretary of YanLianGang, steering committee, deputy secretary of the Qingdao high-tech zone management committee, deputy director of both chengyang district party committee, vice secretary of Li Tianchuan to attend the meeting.At the meeting, Yin Liangang conveyed the spirit of the national and provincial scientific and technological work conference, li Tianchuan conveyed the spirit of the city’s economic work conference.Representative of enterprises, units and departments in the park made a statement.The meeting summarized the work of Qingdao High-tech Zone in 2021 and made specific deployment requirements for the work in 2022.Brzozowski t m in his speech, pointed out that in 2021, Qingdao high-tech zone closely around the superior deployment requirements, firmly grasp the “high” and “new” development orientation, push forward the epidemic prevention and control and the economic and social development, deepening and the integration development of chengyang district, superposition of advantages, the development of the assigned to each other, achieved hard-earned and treasured fruitful results,Wrote a wonderful chapter belonging to the new high;The system, mechanism and leading group of the high-tech zone have been adjusted and strengthened to make the system and mechanism more smooth.It has been approved as one of the first pilot parks of enterprise innovation points system in China and the first pilot park of enterprise innovation points system in The province. The implementation of the “opening list and leading” system has been replicated and promoted in the province, and the innovation vitality is more surging.Adhering to the principle of “strong industrial zones and solid zones”, the scale and quality of the four New Economies have continued to rise, and industrial support has become stronger.The central China Road has been fully completed, Qingdao 58 High and new High School has been completed, and jinmao Yanxiu City has been capped. The supporting facilities of the city have been constantly optimized, making life and production more convenient, and a high-quality new city suitable for creation, business and living has accelerated to rise in the north bank.The achievements are gratifying, but the whole district should also be soberly aware of the problems and shortcomings, and realize the gap between it and the national and world first-class high-tech parks.Geng tao said that 2022 is the year of the 20th CPC National Congress and the year of “establishing” Qingdao High-tech Zone.In the New Year, the high-tech zone will fully implement the “1264” strategy and firmly anchor the “one goal” of “striving for five years and returning to the top ten”.Firmly grasp the “two directions” of creating innovation-driven development demonstration zone and high-quality development pilot zone;We will carry out six key actions to improve scientific and technological innovation, speed up the implementation of projects, raise the quality of industrial cultivation, increase the efficiency of talent gathering, improve the quality of financial services, and improve the quality of cities.We will strengthen the “four guarantees” of leading Party building, reform and innovation, a business environment, and security and stability.In addition, we should consolidate and expand the achievements of party history study and education, constantly enhance the leading power of Party construction, and take the lead in Party construction and open up new bureau.We will carry out initiatives to foster innovation subjects, improve incubators, attract and nurture high-end innovative talents, and empower science and technology and finance. We will continue to enhance our capacity for innovation in science and technology, take the lead in innovation-driven development, and break new ground.We must fight the hard battle of upgrading leading industries, the “four New” economic rise, and the hard battle of project implementation and construction, constantly improve the development of industries, and take the lead in the “four New” economic rise.It is necessary to speed up the improvement of urban function quality, build Qingdao green transformation pilot zone, systematically implement urban renewal actions, constantly improve the attractiveness of the city, take the lead in the integration of industry and city, and open up new bureau.We should lead the coordinated development of “one district and multiple parks”, deepen the integrated development with Chengyang District, systematically promote the reform in key areas, constantly improve the driving force of reform, take the lead in deepening reform and innovation, and open up new bureau.Xi called for regular epidemic prevention and control, in-depth work safety campaigns, active prevention and mitigation of major risks, enhanced risk foresight, leading the way in coordinating development and safety, and opening up new offices.The whole district should strive for excellence by optimizing its style of work, improving its skills, and encouraging people to be the best, so as to ensure progress every year and major breakthroughs every five years, so as to welcome the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.Lu peng said, will seriously implement the CPC municipal committee and municipal government policy decisions and work requirements, emancipate the mind, strict on implementation, strengthen the execution, made solid progress, to ensure that each work into effect, achieve actual effect, around the “1264” strategic target, to create innovation-driven development demonstration area and high quality development area, active in the national high-tech zone qualifying rushed to carry,We will shoulder new missions and write a new chapter together with vigorous energy and vigor.YanLianGang said resolutely obey the CPC municipal committee and municipal government decided, the full implementation of municipal party committee, municipal government requirements, solid role and responsible, positive play a role of chengyang district service security, to promote the development of high-tech zone and the fusion of chengyang district, better inspire the innovation of the high-tech zone leading role, to promote Qingdao high-tech zone in one of the leading enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, industrial development, etc,Make greater contribution to the city’s high-quality development.