Liu Wei mother cancer recurrence, reluctantly temporarily withdraw from the entertainment industry, had shaved shaved hair to accompany her mother through chemotherapy period

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Speaking of the name Liu Wei, I believe that we should be no stranger to him, Liu Wei is a very good host, hosting skills are very good, although he is not famous, but many people know him.Since his debut, Liu Wei has presided over his career with ups and downs. His humorous style has made many people like him very much, but his suffering has never stopped, making people very distressed.In fact, in recent years, Liu Wei’s career is getting better and better. I thought he would devote himself to the development of his career, but unexpectedly, Liu Wei suddenly opened a live broadcast and announced his temporary retirement from the entertainment industry.For liu Wei’s sudden withdrawal from the entertainment industry, everyone is very shocked, after all, we all know that Liu Wei is a strong career-minded person, suddenly quit the industry, there must be some force majeure factors.Sure enough, Liu Wei said in the live broadcast, New Year’s eve mother cancer suddenly recurrence, has been admitted to the hospital, in order to accompany his mother cancer, Liu Wei decided to temporarily retire from the entertainment industry, see Liu Wei helpless appearance is really worried for him.Liu Wei’s parents divorced when he was young, and he has been living with his mother. Both mother and son live together. After his father divorced, he remarried, gave birth to a child with his new love, and has formed a new family.However, his mother thought of Liu Wei and never thought of remarrying. When Liu Wei was in school, his mother sold the house of the family for liu Wei’s education. His mother was really great and did everything for him.In fact, many years ago, Liu Wei’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, at that time, Liu Wei has always accompanied her mother, because of chemotherapy, her mother lost a lot of hair.It is known that women’s favorite is hair, many people may lose their hair because of chemotherapy, choose to give up chemotherapy, it is conceivable that Liu’s mother must be very uncomfortable during that time.To support his mother, Liu wei shaved his hair to accompany her through the difficult period of chemotherapy. Fortunately, his mother survived strong and has recovered.In everyone’s heart, Liu Wei has always been a very filial child, can shave his mother’s hair, has been with his mother to fight cancer, may be many people in life can not do.I didn’t expect the illness to recur now. From Liu wei’s live broadcast, it can be seen that he should have been very painful during this period of time, and his face looked very haggard.For Liu Wei, his mother is everything to him. Once his mother gave everything for him. Now Liu Wei has the ability to provide a better life for his mother.Cancer is no specific drugs can cure, the way to prolong life is chemotherapy, through chemotherapy to inhibit the spread of cancer cells, but the patient has to bear huge pain.I hope Liu mother can carry the past, an early recovery of health, I hope the medical research staff, as soon as possible to research a specific drug for cancer.