Hainan will invest 800 million yuan in 2022 for the private sector of 9 practical projects, three related to education

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Consumer daily net news (reporter ShenJun Hong-mei zheng) on February 23, reporters from the information office of hainan province held a press conference of 2022, for the people “, combined with the network voting and the people’s congress, CPPCC member and related department, the provincial party committee standing committee and the provincial government Wednesday presided, hainan aims to implement the project, improve people’s quality of life,We will continue to enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.Among the 9 private projects, the provincial Health Commission is responsible for 4 projects, including HPV vaccination of school-age girls, screening and diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease of newborns, pilot screening of cognitive impairment of the elderly, and free taking of basic drugs for outpatient treatment of patients with severe mental disorders.The other five projects are respectively two projects of lighting transformation of junior middle school classrooms and vision monitoring of primary and middle school students in the province by the Provincial Department of Education and the Tourism and Culture Department. The provincial Department of Education and the Tourism and Culture Department are jointly responsible for the AED automatic external defibrillator project for primary schools and A-level tourist attractions in the province. The provincial Financial Supervision Bureau is responsible for the farmers’ small loan discount project.Provincial Housing and Construction Department is responsible for the construction project of standard demonstration household garbage sorting houses (kiosks) in townships and towns.Among the 9 practical matters for private people in Hainan province this year, 3 are led by the Education Department of Hainan province, which are “lighting transformation of junior middle school classrooms”, “equipping primary schools with AED automatic external defibrillator” and “vision monitoring of primary and secondary school students in the province”.To this end, Xing Kongzheng, deputy director of the Education Department of Hainan Province, said at a press conference that it would make efforts from four aspects to ensure that practical matters for the private will be fully completed by the end of the year.First, formulate plans and make careful arrangements.After many investigations, the Education Department of Hainan province integrated three practical matters for the people into one implementation plan, which is more convenient for centralized management of projects and implementation by cities, counties and schools.The implementation plan makes clear the contents of various practical matters for the people, the requirements for completing tasks at the time points, the main responsibilities of all parties concerned, and specific measures to promote matters, etc.Recently, the Education Department of Hainan Province will hold a video conference for the deployment of three practical matters for the private sector in which the municipal and county education bureaux and relevant schools participate, mobilizing and deploying the implementation of the three practical matters for the private sector, which is also the first order of the three practical matters for the private sector issued by the Education Department of Hainan Province.Two is to establish ledger, compacted responsibility.Hainan province education department requirements in various cities and counties directly under the education bureau, the hall school within the time to plan deployment in the department of education, combining with the actual, adjust measures to local conditions, in line with the principle of “work progress as far as possible ahead”, inversion period, wall charts, scientific and reasonable for period of time the progress of the overall plan arrangement, and make the implementation plan with strong operability, list the task list,Make clear to the month, to the school, to the responsible person, set up the work ledger.The main responsible comrade as the first responsible person of the local school, to timely arrange, solve problems, coordinate and promote, and set up a strong work special class, clear bureau (school) a responsible comrade mainly grasp three practical projects, the relevant business section (unit, room) undertake specific implementation work.The provincial Department of education set up to be in charge of the deputy director as the leader of the work of the special class, the special class office in the office of physical health and art, fully responsible for the organization and implementation of three practical projects.Third, strict standards to ensure quality.Education department of hainan province in the implementation of specific requirements, various cities and counties directly under the education bureau, the hall school should be in strict accordance with the relevant industry and technical specifications, strengthen the supervision of project implementation process, in particular to do a good job in acceptance did not meet the national quality standards, determined not by acceptance, to strengthen the rigid constraints, to ensure the high quality of the project.Fourth, follow up supervision and strengthen supervision.The Education Department of Hainan province will strictly follow the overall requirements of the implementation plan and the implementation plan formulated by the city and county, track and guide the whole process, conduct inspection and supervision from time to time, comprehensively analyze and evaluate the progress of the work in a timely manner, and hold video scheduling meetings in a timely manner.The provincial Education department and the provincial Commission for discipline Inspection and supervision committee dispatched to the provincial Education Department discipline inspection and supervision group will also set up a joint supervision group, set up a report phone, the whole process of the implementation of the three matters for the people, the three matters for the people into the public project, clean government project.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank 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