Second position chairman, Wuliangye doctor new handsome: how to take second counter-exceed Maotai?

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Wuliangye Group, a liquor giant with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, has decided to replace its new head.On February 18, the Yibin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Sichuan Province announced the decision on the adjustment of the chief responsible officers of Yibin Wuliangye Group co., LTD. Zeng Congqin was appointed as the Party Secretary and chairman of Wuliangye Group and the Party Secretary of Wuliangye Co., LTD.Li Shuguang no longer serves as secretary, member and chairman of the Party Committee of Wuliangye Group, and Secretary and member of the Party Committee of Wuliangye Joint Stock Company.Li Shuguang has resigned from wuliangye’s board of directors and related special committees due to job changes, the company said in a statement late on The same day.Wuliangye for shuai early signs.In January 2022, Li Shuguang, who led Wuliangye’s “second venture” for more than five years, turned 60.On January 15, he was appointed vice chairman of the economic Committee of the 13th Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress.Five years ago in March 2017, Li Shuguang, then deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, was parachuted into Wuliangye to take over Tangqiao and become the new leader of Wuliangye Group.Under his leadership, Wuliangye started all-round in-depth reform. In 2019, wuliangye Group and Moutai Group both exceeded 100 billion yuan in revenue. In 2021, Wuliangye Group’s revenue has reached 140 billion yuan.After leading Wuliangye through the crucial stage of “second entrepreneurship” for 5 years, Li Shuguang retired with great success and wuliangye entered the “Zeng Cong Qin Era”.Unlike maotai, Yanghe and Fenjiu, Zeng congqin has been working at Wuliangye for more than two years. He became general manager of Wuliangye Group and chairman of Wuliangye Joint-stock Company in 2019.At the time, he was described as one of the most educated, experienced and youngest “vice leaders” of China’s first-tier baijiu brands.Zeng Congqin, 54 years old, holds a doctoral degree and has been working in The Yibin Municipal government for a long time. Before taking office in Wuliangye, he was the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lingang National Economic and Technological Development Zone and the Secretary of Cuiping District Committee of Yibin City. He is an expert in “grasping economy” and “grasping development”.Next, how to lead Wuliangye to deepen the reform, sprint the world top 500, will be zeng Congqin’s new examination paper.Li Shuguang “retire with success” “The eldest brother is not good when, the second is not good when, when the eldest brother’s second is worse when.”Li Shuguang once exclaimed during the wuliangye 1218 Conference in 2018.In the 1990s, thanks to the rapid development of large business model, Wuliangye once held the top position in China’s liquor industry.But it’s all about the big business model.Later, this model undermined the channel control of Wuliangye and interfered with price increase and policy implementation in the later period.After 2012, Wuliangye was overtaken by Moutai in terms of income, profit and price, and the gap between the two became wider and wider.In March 2017, Li Shuguang was parachuted into Wuliangye as the Party Secretary and chairman of the Group.Du Ziping, then Mayor of Yibin, said that the adjustment of the main leaders of Wuliangye Group was made by the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government based on the overall situation of the reform and development of the city and the needs of the long-term development of Wuliangye Group and the construction of wuliangye’s leading group after full deliberation, overall consideration and careful study.Two months later, Li Shuguang admitted in an interview with the media that there was no denying that the gap between Wuliangye and Moutai had been opened. The node of opening with Moutai began in 2008, and 2012 was an “inflection point”.Wuliangye cannot rest on its laurels. At present, “There are pacesetters in the front and pursuers in the rear”, Wuliangye must take the spirit of “entrepreneurs” and start on the road again to create brilliance.At that time, Wuliangye was facing fierce competition. Luzhou Laojiao, Shanxi Fenjiu and other old famous wines also started in-depth reform one after another. The industry entered an era of expert recruitment, and reform was imperative.Soon, Li Shuguang put forward the “second entrepreneurship”, which started all-round in-depth reform in brand, product, channel, system and mechanism.”Wuliangye is in a critical stage of development and needs reform, not a small reform.”On June 8, 2018, The 2017 annual general meeting of Shareholders of Wuliangye was held in Yibin. Li Shuguang said at the meeting: “We should establish the advantages of Wuliangye in marketing system. The brand system and marketing system make Wuliangye have differentiated competitive advantages.”During li Shuguang’s leadership, he led the successful replacement of wuliangye’s core single product, launched the eighth generation of Wuliangye and increased the factory price by 100 yuan to 889 yuan per bottle. He encouraged dealers through the profit sharing measures on the control panel and built a new relationship with manufacturers, which largely solved the brand and channel problems that had been bothering Wuliangye for a long time.The eighth generation of Wuliangye became the overlord of the thousand yuan price belt of liquor.In September 2020, Wuliangye launched a classic Wuliangye with a retail price of RMB 2,899 / bottle, aiming at the high-end market.The personage inside course of study analysis, flying maotai firmly occupied the price with 2000 yuan of above, wuliangye classic on the pricing as flying maotai, both with maotai compete in price with 2000 yuan of above, but also to open and the other one thousand yuan price gap with competing goods, in order to support the brand, but the classic wuliangye par to really flying maotai, difficulty is big.After five years of reform, the revenue of Wuliangye Co., Ltd. has grown from 30.19 billion Yuan in 2017 to 57.32 billion Yuan in 2020, an increase of nearly 90%.Net profit returned to mothers more than doubled from 9.674 billion yuan in 2017 to 19.95 billion yuan in 2020.In the first three quarters of 2021, Wuliangye Co., Ltd. achieved 49.72 billion yuan in operating revenue and 17.33 billion yuan in net profit.A number of industry experts on time weekly reporter said that li sg in the development of wuliangye has successfully, in building a fast strain market decision-making mechanism, pricing, IP culture building, etc., have pioneering contribution, makes the brand value of wuliangye gets steady improvement, optimization of product structure, national brand influence gradually improve,Rammed wuliangye in the thousand yuan price belt of the hegemon.Wuliangye Joint-stock Company also said in the announcement, Li Shuguang during his tenure in the company to fulfill his duties, diligence, innovation and deepening reform in strategic planning, production and operation, marketing and other aspects, has made significant contributions to the company’s development, outstanding achievements.As his successor, Zeng Congqin is a native of Yibin and has been deeply engaged in the field of economic construction for a long time. His bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree are all economic management majors.He has long been the “leader” of many departments in the field of economic development in Yibin City. He used to be the “father and mother official” in the location of Wuliangye, and he is an expert in “grasping economy” and “grasping industry”.Congqin has worked in Yibin for more than 30 years, serving successively as party secretary of township, executive deputy county head, Director of Energy Bureau, Director of Yibin Development and Reform Commission, Party secretary of Cuiping District of Yibin, and Party Working Committee secretary of Lingang National Economic development Zone of Yibin.During his reign, the GDP of Cuiping District increased by more than 10 billion yuan annually, and its comprehensive strength ranked first among all the districts and counties in the southern Sichuan Economic Zone, and it was listed as the “Top ten Counties” in Sichuan province for ten consecutive years.During his term as the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lingang Economic development Zone, he also made outstanding achievements in promoting the development of industry from Qin, introduced a number of key projects such as Ningde Times Power battery production base, and promoted the construction of the world’s largest power battery production base;The comprehensive ranking of Lingang Economic development Zone among 219 national economic development zones rose from 86 to 43.In 2019, Liu Zhongguo, the “veteran of the three dynasties” of Wuliangye, who had assisted three times as the head of the group, stepped down from his post and served as general manager of Wuliangye Group and chairman of Wuliangye Joint-stock Company.After more than 2 years of experience, now ever from qin from the hand of Li Shuguang took wuliangye palm print.Xiao Zhuqing, a liquor expert, told Times weekly that Zeng congqin has shown rich experience in managing the overall situation and excellent management ability, no matter he is an official of the ruling party or the chairman of a listed company. He is an expert in “grasping the economy” and “grasping the development”.Under the background of liquor industry upgrading and reform, wuliangye layout of a new round of high-quality development, and accelerating the sprint to the World’s Top 500, Wuliangye needs such a leader who understands economy, industry, precise management, and courage.At the same time, wuliangye’s new leadership has been adjusted.Zou Tao, the 44-year-old general manager of Wuliangye Joint-stock Company, serves as the general manager of Wuliangye Group.Fifty-five-year-old Jiang Wenge, deputy general manager of Wuliangye Group, was appointed general manager of Wuliangye Joint-stock Company.Liquor analyst CAI Xuefei told times weekly that wuliangye personnel changes belong to internal promotion, the new and old team to achieve “seamless” relays, which is conducive to ensure the sustainable and stable development of enterprises, from the qin understanding of enterprise strategy, understanding of team members, which will be conducive to the development of enterprises;Such a complete talent development system is also of great value to the next stage of wuliangye’s reform and development and to enhance the influence of regional economy.The new leadership also faces new tests.At the beginning of 2022, Moutai launched the new moutai 1935 with the market guide price of 1188 yuan/bottle, with a price band of 1,000 yuan, setting off a new round of competition in the high-end liquor market, and Wuliangye was the first to take the lead.In addition, the pursuit of hot pursuit, Luzhou Laojiao (000568.SZ), Gujing Gongjiu (000596.sZ), Shanxi Fenjiu (, Lang Jiu, Xijiu, Zhen wine and other wine enterprises, are accelerating the layout of a thousand yuan price band, the competition is increasingly fierce.On the other hand, how to speed up the construction of a new type of symbiosis and co-prosperity of the relationship between manufacturers, strengthen the stability of supply chain, strengthen channel transformation, and strengthen market expectations will also be the problems faced by the new head of Wuliangye.Xiao Zhuqing believes that the current urgent problem of Wuliangye lies in the “kidnapping” of wuliangye decision-making system by big distributors.”Wuliangye growth is important because big business has thrust, but today the ‘super traders’ existence, decision making, implementation of wuliangye is has a great influence, especially for the entire product pricing, it takes three months to the success of the product prices, but below the market pricing only need one day, this is the new chairman of the board of directors need to solve the problem of history.”Held on February 8, wuliangye group, in 2022 the first theoretical study group party committee (expand) study, li sg stressed that advance the key to the world top 500 years in the company, company should keep a sense of urgency, a sense of crisis, the standard consciousness, wine business line ensure stability, the multivariate industrial transformation and upgrading, deepen the reform achieve breakthroughs made in key areas.After receiving the appointment, Zeng Congqin said that Wuliangye is in a critical period of transformation, innovative development and leap-forward development. Wuliangye will always adhere to the strategic principle of “focusing on the main business and strengthening the main business”, take accelerating development as the first priority, and continue to consolidate and strengthen the leading position in the industry.Adhering to the enterprise spirit of “seeking progress through innovation and always striving for the first place”, reform and innovation are the primary driving force to continuously stimulate the vitality and development momentum of enterprises.He said that yibin will speed up the establishment of the world’s top 500 companies and strive to build world-class enterprises, so as to make new and greater contributions to accelerate the construction of yibin into a modern national and regional center city of socialism.