Imitation drum or antique?

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One of the ten classic models of imitation drum purple sand pot was created by shao Tycoon, a purple sand giant in the Qing Dynasty. Is it “imitation drum” or “antique”?On the theory of imitation drum and archaize, look at the relevant historical materials, can see the earliest archaize pot for Shao Tycoon initiative.According to shao Tycoon made this pot, known as imitation drum pot.Microscopical pot shape, up and down about the contraction, the waist slightly drum, like a flat drum.In addition, according to Shao Jingnan had made taiji drum handed down, there are many similarities between the two features, must be the original origin of the name of the pot.When did the imitation drum have the name of archaize?Gu Old Gu Jingzhou used to tycoon antique kettle as a model, heart chasing hand copy, potential specialized research, benefit a lot, may be respect for the legacy of ancestors, and almost “ancient” through “drum” sound, after more antique kettle called, more with admiration of thought.Nowadays purple arenas, it is recognized that the peak of archaize pot production is Gu Jingzhou and Shao Tycoon two masters, their works, is two monuments of archaize pot.Nowadays, there are generally two different shapes and systems for the archaid-style teapot. The difference mainly lies in the earlobe and bottom of the ring handle.It is divided into hanging earlobe and not hanging earlobe, bottom and a bottom difference.A bottom shape of the antique pot is mainly, Gu Jingzhou in 1946 for jiangsu Province farmers’ bank, “the sixth national provincial bank symposium” customized memorial pot, this hundred antique is a bottom.2 110 The archaize pot in gu Lao numerous handed down classics, archaize pot is undoubtedly a very representative type;Antique POTS in gu Lao, also contains profound historical significance.1946 was a special time. The eight-year war of resistance against Japanese aggression had just ended, and the civil war was immediately following.The war continued again, when the purple sand business depression, purple sand artists also to the time of life and death.At that time, the capital of Jiangsu was still in Zhenjiang, where the National Farmers’ Bank planned to hold the sixth provincial bank symposium.We’re gonna hand out 100 tycoon antique POTS as souvenirs, and they’re gonna be high class.100 tycoon antique kettle, is a big list, through Xu Zuchun, Zhou Zhilu Recommended, this task falls on Gu Jingzhou shoulder.Zhou Zhilu requirements, in the republic of China pot stage name Wang Baogen “yi Na bottom” type for example.The total demand was 100, but gu jingzhou finally made 110, gave 100 to the bank, 10 more, 5 to Xu Zuchun, 5 to Zhou Zhilu.Gu Jingzhou and Shen Xiaolu partner again, Shen do Gu Jingzhou’s hand, 110 POTS, a month of delivery, day and night, pieces of excellent.At that time, the two of them adopted the way of assembly line, Shen Xiaolu beat mud pieces, beat mud strips, do the hand, Gu Jingzhou beat body bucket to do the head to do the hand.After the teapot is made, the lid is covered with Gu Jingzhou, and the bottom of the signature is played.Calligraphy on the pot, Xu Zuchun invited Wu Tonggou to write, this is the Ming Dynasty Yixing celebrity Wu Yishan descendants.Zhuge Xun, the engraver, was a famous ceramic engraver at that time.Gu Jingzhou “had LanYan pot body positive official script pottery carved: the other side had LanYan moment: the national provincial bank sixth symposium commemorating, farmers bank and bank of jiangsu province, jiangsu province offer congratulations the bottom of a pot of money, for Gu Jingzhou kisses and an unofficial personal seal: I have fun with old how” LanYan “in mind, in heart will have a common language.From the “courtyard grass color Rao Wensi, sitting lanyan just plain heart”, it can be seen that Gu Lao’s good wishes for the symposium.Such a heavyweight combination, in the history of Zisha, is an unrepeatable original, and then Gu Lao never made such a large number of teapots at one time.This 110 pot, also established archaize in gu old purple sand career important position.Why is triad so popular?Archaize as one of the ten classic zisha teapot, since the tycoon first, has been widely popular and there are a lot of ancient innovation of a pot.Development so far, not only in the archaize pot pottery to add its literati charm, more ruyi archaize, kui archaize and many other innovative works.Gu Jingzhou “antique” Xu Hantang book Ming “bird tongue spray fragrance” Li Bifang “ruyi antique” a factory classic model, the end of the 80’s exported to Southeast Asia Shao Shunsheng “antique” antique and the combination of gluten, make it more flavor antique so classic reason, lies in its shape and charm.We look at an archaize modeling structure, simple, generous, dignified, dignified, in line with the public aesthetic requirements of the purple sand pot.The body is flat and round, full and full, with extraordinary bearing and meaning of roundness.The spout is large, the cover surface is flat and round, the mouth edge and the cover edge connect naturally and smoothly, and form two coils, which play a decorative role in the simple pot and enhance the beauty of form.The archaitic flow, knob and handle are the most powerful: the long flow and turning echo the circular handle with the center of gravity upward, which makes the pot abdomen produce the momentum extending from left to right. The cover knob is cleverly raised to guide the pot’s center of gravity upward, which makes the pot abdomen seem empty and solid without the risk of flat collapse.An exquisite archaize pot, must be Dun Pang Zhou Zheng, force yun in, flesh and blood pavilion even, close the exhibition degree, the atmosphere of primitive simplicity, view of the smooth smooth.The classic model looks simple, but in fact it is not. Archaize not only needs advanced artistic level, but also needs exquisite manual skills.