How to improve home office efficiency through collaborative office platform

2022-07-09 0 By

In the post-epidemic era, telecommuting and collaborative working have gradually become normal, and more and more people start working from home through collaborative working platform. However, how to improve the efficiency of home working through collaborative working platform is also the focus of many enterprise managers.Working from home has been popping up intermittently in people’s work and life for the past two years.When an outbreak occurs, local businesses respond to the government’s call to reduce the risk of infection and to limit the economic impact of the outbreak by telling employees to “work from home.”Here are a few tips employees can use to make their home office more productive.Many people think it’s okay to work from home and just wear whatever you want.In fact, this idea is wrong. Wearing pajamas can be distracting.So make sure you get up on time and put on formal clothes as if you were going to work. Create a sense of ritual.This sense of ritual will pull you into work mode quickly, which can greatly improve your productivity.2. Workspace and rest area separate in the case of conditions allow, rest area and office area to separate, do not rest area office, do not rest in the office area, so as to improve the concentration of work.Therefore, if there is a study at home, it is important to treat the study as an office, get dressed in the morning, walk into the study and start working, this process is very important.3. Make a clear distinction between work and downtime at home. For businesses, the test is the ability to break down goals into tasks.For employees, the test is the self-control to distinguish between work and rest.Stay focused at work and relax thoroughly during breaks.Telecommuting can be productive and productive only if there is a clear distinction between work and rest time.If everyone can do this, telecommuting will be no different from working on site.4. Choose the right tool. If a workman wants to do his work well, he must sharpen his tools.Good collaborative office software can make telecommuting work more efficiently.Zoho Workplace, the remote collaborative office software, is not only full of features, but also easy to use, the majority of users love.Telecommuting is becoming more and more normal. Choose a convenient collaborative office tool to make telecommuting more efficient.