High levy: the veteran with a steed retrograde

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Gao Zheng, male, born in March 1969, from Wanquan District of Zhangjiakou City CPPCC, served as deputy commander of headquarters of Building A of Wanquan District Baolian Mountain Technical Officer Hotel.In charge of the accommodation and catering work of building A of mountain Technical officer Hotel during Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.In accordance with the unified plan of the city, attend all the district’s mountain technology official hotel security service group, on November 4, the formal into the worship ceremony, and attend the winter Olympic Games, winter paralympic games, and 2021/2022 “Beijing” in the international snow ski jumping intercontinental cup, “Beijing” series of winter sports events to the international winter training week test event such as resident security work.With the guidance and help of the superior leaders and the care and help of all the members of the security group, I entered the role in a very short time from being confused to clarifying my thoughts, from connecting the work to getting on the right track.Participate in formulate the system of wan district party meeting in “resident security system of the working party” “wan district resident cadre assessment system” and so on system, perfecting the hotel daily operation scheme of the nucleic acid detection operation plan with the whole day running plan and other 18 schemes and plans, together with the hotel and department of the municipal CDC perfect streamline hotel in epidemic prevention,Make “mountain technical officer hotel organization frame chart”, “mountain technical officer hotel emergency command system”, “mountain technical officer hotel responsibility division chart” and other charts.Successfully completed the hotel’s preparatory work, “Meet me in Beijing”, winter Olympic Games and other winter sports events guarantee services.Recently, we mainly carried out the preparation work during the transition from the Winter Olympic Games to the Winter Paralympic Games, checked the arrival and departure information of guests, reminded the dining staff to implement the prevention and control measures during the peak dining hours, and organized the hotel to arrange the accommodation and catering work for guests during the Winter Paralympic Games.