Lushan County Natural resources Bureau: to solve the difficulties for enterprises to win the pennant

2022-07-08 0 By

Henan economic newspaper reporter Du Meili correspondent Wu Suya Zhao Bing recently, Lushan county taihe xing carbon material Co., Ltd. on behalf of a side of the written “focus on the concern of the enterprise, clean and efficient service” to the lushan county natural resources bureau investigation and monitoring unit comrade in the hands of expression to solve the problem of the enterprise thanks.In the activity of “Ten thousand people helping ten thousand enterprises”, Taihexing Carbon Material Co., Ltd. of Lushan County proposed that the company was using the land of the former Red Wei Factory. Due to the reason of the second adjustment, most of the construction land was transferred to forest land and basic farmland, requiring correction according to the actual situation.After receiving the reflected problems, I took the lead to lead the comrades of the responsible units to communicate with the enterprise and conduct field surveys. After analysis and judgment, I actively coordinated with the units and superior departments to change the investigation operation, and timely solved the problems reflected by the enterprise, which was approved by the enterprise.This is an epitome of lushan County Resources Bureau carrying out the activity of “ten thousand people helping ten thousand enterprises” to solve the problems for enterprises.The Natural Resources Bureau of Lushan County firmly established the concept of “serving enterprises is serving the overall situation” and “everyone is the business environment”, strictly implemented the working method of “13710”, established one-to-one communication and connectivity mechanism for enterprises involved in subcontracting, decomposed tasks layer by layer, assigned responsibilities to people, and completed within a deadline.At the same time, a communication card was made to publicize the positions and contact numbers of the subcontractors, so that enterprises could contact and communicate with each other.Through visiting enterprises, holding enterprise symposia and establishing enterprise communication groups and other ways, policy preaching, answering enterprise consultation, face-to-face communication with enterprises to solve problems, do our best to help enterprises solve problems, promote enterprises to stimulate vitality, to resistance, increase power.Since this year, visited more than 390 enterprises more than 1000 times, solved more than 89 problems, coordinated for enterprises to handle 42 procedures, planned three batch of major projects 2.