In 2022 Fuzhou Desert Oasis Music Festival, I met musicians such as Prism, Liu Shuang, GAI and Jiang Yunsheng

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Music not only brings color to our lives, but also heals our inner world in some moments.In this season of spring, surely you music fans are also eagerly looking forward to the arrival of a grand performance.Soon, fuzhou Desert Oasis Music Festival will meet with you, let’s get ready to start, come here to enjoy!Fuzhou is a famous historical city, but the trend here is also very strong.This spring, there will be a star-studded music feast, namely the Fuzhou Desert Oasis Music Festival.It is reported that the show not only invited many famous rappers, but also invited guests from various styles such as folk and rock.In this long-lost carnival, we will see the landlord’s Cat, Prism, Liu Shuang, GAI, Jiang Yunsheng, Man Shuke, JonyJ, Liu Cong and many other singers and bands.The arrival of GAI, a rap star, has excited many hip-hop fans.As a power representative of the current rap scene, GAI never fails to disappoint every time he performs.GAI’s unique musical style has brought him wide attention since his debut in the Rap of China.Over the years, GAI has not only been invited to participate in many music shows, but also appeared on the stage of many music festivals.The domineering typhoon and solid rap skills make GAI’s scene always full of appeal, which will bring the audience’s mood every time.Hot stage ready to start, Fuzhou Desert Oasis Music Festival, let us meet the scene, join this party for a long time!