Air kiss than the heart of Yiming Su, promotion!

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Xinhua ting-ting cheng was taken in the just-concluded Beijing Olympics snowboarding man big platform qualifying Chinese player Su Yi sound with 155.25 points from the passage to play an action in the first jump sino-soviet yi song clean swivel 5 weeks after the landing, the official Xinhua News Agency reporters firm in the air Xiong Qi perturbation Li Ziheng taken ting-ting cheng perturbation, the official Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua News Agency reportersXiong Qi taken when he face the score lens to you kiss than heart xinhua Xiong Qi taken this is his second project in vancouver international union regulation winter snow slope barrier techniques and big platform project sharing a seat so the contestants must JianXiang Su Yi wong also became the two projects only a player won the qualification of China 15 Su Yi will play snowboardingMen’s platform final together cheer for him!Young, the future can be!Source: Xinhuanet, CCTV news responsible editor: pomelo copyright belongs to the original author all, such as infringement please timely contact