Shandong: The province’s industrial economy has steadily recovered and the operating rate of industrial enterprises above designated size has exceeded 97%

2022-07-07 0 By

At present, as the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shandong continues to improve, the province’s industrial economy has steadily recovered, key industries have increased production scheduling, and key enterprises are running well.As of March 30, the operating rate of industrial enterprises above designated size in the province has exceeded 97%, and the industrial economy is generally stable.Shandong province government held on March 31st afternoon 19 2022 epidemic prevention and control at a news conference, deputy director-general of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in shandong province hall YanJie introduction, after the outbreak of an epidemic situation, shandong province, the hall actively help enterprises solve the lack of raw material, supply conduits, such problems as shortage of equipment and materials transportation not free, powerful and orderly promote enterprise to return to work rehabilitation.On the one hand, Shandong province focuses on dispatching and monitoring, and has established a daily dispatching mechanism for the operation of industrial economy, which regulates the operation rate of industrial enterprises, industrial electricity consumption, commodity prices, nucleic acid testing of enterprises and other indicators, dynamically monitors the operation of industrial enterprises, and studies and grasses the impact of epidemic factors on industrial economy.On the other hand, grasp accurate services to help enterprises rescue and solve difficulties.At the beginning of the epidemic, shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology immediately set up a special team for emergency work, and established a working mechanism to help industrial enterprises with difficult problems during the epidemic. In principle, special personnel will be assigned to contact enterprises with difficult problems within two hours.Need national ministries and commissions or inter-provincial coordination matters, issued a written letter within half a day.Up to now, Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology has coordinated and solved 58 requests for help from relevant provincial and municipal departments and enterprises, and solved 117 supporting supply problems of enterprises, ensuring smooth and effective production and supply channels.As the provincial epidemic situation stable gradually, the industrial operation contact service working mechanism was introduced, focusing on return to work and production of enterprises, industry monitoring analysis, construction of key projects such as central task, special working team “peer-to-peer” docking services, 16 city in social, after the “dynamic reset” synchronous drive to return to work and production enterprises, minimizing outbreaks.In addition, Shandong strengthened policy support to boost business confidence.The CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the Provincial government have established regulation mechanisms such as regular analysis and evaluation, integrated policy supply, and dynamic release of policy lists, including implementation of a series of supporting policies such as tax and fee cuts and subsidies for enterprises to resume work and employees to return to work, so as to facilitate normal and orderly production of enterprises.Shandong also focused on supplies. The output of major products of 592 key epidemic prevention supplies enterprises increased by more than 30% compared with the same period last year. By establishing a daily scheduling mechanism for the production and storage of 21 key supplies in five categories, including medical protection supplies, nucleic acid testing supplies, medical equipment, disinfection supplies and emergency supplies,Effective material support will be provided for enterprises to carry out epidemic prevention and control and maintain normal and orderly production.Yanjie introduced, the next will further strengthen operation monitoring and precision services, continue to increase the implementation of policies to help enterprises, accelerate the resumption of work and production, stable production to achieve production, to stabilize the industrial economy continued to rebound the good momentum, to ensure the realization of the first quarter “stable door” “good start”.(Source: China Youth Daily client)