Rank in the forefront of the province!The total share capital of deyang listed enterprises exceeds 10 billion shares

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According to the municipal financial bureau so far the city has a new king road, hongda, electromechanical yingjie electric HeGuoJi reshipment number 5 listed companies listed companies in the province’s fifth largest in the province’s total of 10.236 billion shares of equity. 4 in addition, the city’s new three board listing 10 enterprises, financing 143 million yuan, third number listed in the province.Tianfu (Sichuan) Joint Equity Exchange Center has 793 listed enterprises, ranking the second in the province.The municipal leading group of financial work has also established the Expert group of Promoting enterprise listing cultivation in Deyang City to provide professional services for the whole process of listing reserve for high-quality enterprises and realize the cascade cultivation of listed reserve enterprises.Up to now, 33 enterprises have been selected into the reserve enterprise resource bank of Deyang City.Among them, 7 enterprises, including Dongfang Water Conservancy, Tianyuan Heavy Industry, Sempu Pipe, Glass Fiber Group, Deboer Biological Technology, Hanzhou Electric and Tongrentai Pharmaceutical, have been selected as the listed reserve enterprise resource pool of Sichuan Province.Reporter | WuLing edit | XiaoXi coordinating editor | wang qiao, deputy chief editor on duty | Tang Ze