Nu Skin group’s products are constantly iterated, and adhere to the concept of meta-quality

2022-07-07 0 By

In recent years, Nu Skin Group has continuously upgraded its products and created many intelligent digital beauty products through technological innovation, which have been recognized and concerned by many users.Recently, Nu Skin has made new moves.When the wave of oral appearance level economy hit, Nu Skin follows the new trend of beauty and health market and puts forward a new concept of “internal supplement and external care”.In addition to the hot market before the smart beauty instrument “main”, this “main” is the new line of yan Control collagen water light drink fruit taste.So what’s so special about this supplement?Each bag contains 2500mg patented collagen peptide and 100mg sodium hyaluronate, which makes the skin pop and tighten from the inside out. It is the first choice for replenishing collagen.As we all know, collagen is the key ingredient to maintain smooth and young skin, and with the growth of age, the content of collagen decreases, people will age faster, skin will become poor, timely supplementation of collagen will be more conducive to youth permanent, healthy and beautiful.However, taking collagen supplements through three daily meals has little effect, and many collagen-rich foods, such as pig trotters, are likely to be converted to fat once they reach the body, rather than having a direct cosmetic effect.In order to solve this problem, Nu Skin has adopted advanced technology to extract collagen peptide components and produced the fruit-flavored beverage of Yan Kong collagen water and light Drink.Taking oral supplements to replenish collagen is more direct and gives the skin the most direct source of vitality.This is also one of the biggest advantages of Nu Skin’s nutritional supplement. Different from ordinary collagen products in the market, nu Skin’s product has higher purity and accuracy and better supplement effect.It is worth mentioning that Nu Skin always adheres to the tenet of “Gathering high quality, pure and flawless” to ensure that all products have pure and excellent ingredients and discard harmful impurities to the skin.Its unique 6S quality measures and CEA controlled environment agriculture technology can ensure nu Skin product quality, safety and green in the process of raw material acquisition.Such as new nutritional supplements and intelligent beauty instrument combination into both internal and external repair of the “best partner”.The combination of beauty equipment and ageLOC formula ingredients not only makes skin care better, but also truly provides users with a full range of integrated skin care solutions.