New Beauty ghost: the national husband returns again, childe king takes the player to experience immersion demon hunt

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“New Chinese Beauty Ghosts” after a number of versions of the change, in the main plot, branch plot, protagonist plot and other aspects continue to fill, finally successfully for the player to create a huge, mature fantasy system.With the development of each plot, players can also feel the charm of different NPCS. If you want to say which NPC is the most popular among players in recent years, it is definitely the childe King from “Beijing Strange Demon Talk”.When meeting for the first time, the player is still a low level of small meng new, because of the city bulletin board of the monster task and childe king acquaintance.Many players’ first impression of Childe jing is that he is a “funny man” with perfect appearance.From the beginning of “graceful” to the later “drunken ink”, Childe jing’s sand carving and heavy sense of contradiction are also explained by the story.As a person who just exists because of the monster resentment, gongzi Jing is wholeheartedly for the monster people to complete the wish however, when the bulletin board no longer has the monster task, childe Jing also disappears accordingly.Think at the beginning of the “Beijing strange demon talk” at the end of the time, how many players stuck in the BE outcome can not come out, childe King also because of the “beautiful strong miserable” people set up, like to mention “national husband” title.Did not expect in this year, “the new Chinese Ghost” restart “the capital strange demon talk”, launched a new chapter “100 ghosts strange talk”, once because of the devil resentment just exist childe king, because of the player’s missing return.This wave of healing reversals really makes people wonder if the plot planning of a New Chinese Clairus has changed.The return of Childe is worth celebrating, but the new “100 Ghosts” story is also very exciting!In the new “Beijing Monster Tale” plot contains “Meng Xia”, “cicada music” and “wang Xiang lamp” three chapters, in addition to the players familiar with the monster interaction, players and childe king to get along with gradually unlock the knot, back to the previous mutual company, hip-hop fun get along mode.For many players who have had regrets, this storyline is a perfect score!In addition, the new story also let countless players recall the past with childe King in a variety of tasks, together to find a way to solve the difficulties of the monsters;Enjoy the scenery with Childe jing while there are still quests left.For many players, the charm of “A New Chinese Clinique Ghosts” is not only to meet many new friends from all over the world, but also to find their inner belonging and sustenance in the fantasy world.Of course, the end of the new “Ghosts” storyline does not mean that the intersection of players and Childe jing has come to an end.In the game, players can still find the childe scene, once again recall the time oh!