Jun Yao Toyota New Highlander 0 down payment date only $177

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Hot Line: It takes the lead in the same class to carry hybrid power, introducing TNGA 2.5L new fourth generation enhanced THS ⅱ Toyota hybrid power system, achieving 5.3L fuel consumption per 100km, becoming a luxury seven-seat SUV with a range of over 1000km in this class.(With air conditioning and cold air), seven SRS air pockets, seven seats, eight seats, five safety auxiliary, panoramic sunroof and electric rear door make it as quiet as a luxury SUV.City cross-country pioneer, not as exciting as action!★ Provide doorto sign a single or to the shop to buy a car reimbursement and other services, so that you buy a car more time and worry ★ hotline: address: Foshan Shishan Town nanhai District foshan first ring north Bo Ai road station entrance side road