Classic Battle of the Winter Olympics!China’s relay team lost gold by mistake and foul, and South Korea’s reverse attack is worth remembering

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At the Winter Olympics, China and South Korea have been locked in a close battle in the short track relay.Today, we are going back to the sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, when the Chinese team lost the gold medal in the women’s 3,000-meter short track speed skating relay.China, South Korea, Canada and Italy will compete in the women’s 3000m relay final at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.The Chinese team is the defending champion, the hope of winning this event is very big, although the absolute core Wang Meng is absent because of injury, but the team’s Zhou Yang has been able to carry the flag.Already a world champion and Olympic silver medalist in the 1,000m, Fan was at the peak of her powers.Li Jianrou was the 500-meter champion at that Winter Olympics, and his dramatic victory was impressive.Liu qiuhong had a disappointing performance at the World Championships before sochi.China and South Korea competed in the 3,000-meter relay with a total of 27 laps.Liu Qiuhong took the first leg and she started in the third lane.A false start in the first shot disrupted Liu’s rhythm and left him in fourth place after the restart.With 24 laps to go, China passed for the first time, taking advantage of the baton exchange, zhou Yang, second, overtook Italy and moved up to third.With 17 laps to go, China overtook Canada and moved into second place, passing South Korea with a succession of changeovers.Later in the match, Zhou Yang seized the opportunity to pass South Korea and help China to No. 1.Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. With only 9 laps left in the race, South Korea came back and China was in second place.With 3 laps to go, The Chinese team rose to the first place again.Zhou Yang violation left 2 laps, into the showdown, Zhou Yang interfered with the Korean players, China is Liu Qiuhong handed over to Li Jianrou.In the final sprint, China crossed the line second and South Korea won gold in 4:09.498.Soon the referee looked back at the scene and confirmed that Zhou Yang violated the rules. She entered the match without handing over the task, which affected the Korean team.In this way, China’s silver medal was cancelled, and Canada took the second place and Italy the third.”This gold medal is very important, it is a great motivation for us,” zhou Yang said.In fact, I not only want to win the individual event gold medal, but also want to make a contribution to help my teammates and team get the relay gold medal.In fact, we rehearsed for a long time, the relay is the most important race, especially after the captain’s injury, we rehearsed a lot.”Fan Kexin consoled, saying: “I think we, the Chinese short track speed skating team, are very united!”Li Yan, the head coach of The Chinese short track speed skating team, said in an interview that there was a mistake in the handover. Li Jianrou went to check it, but Liu Qiuhong thought it was a handover, so he finished the handover, while Li Jianrou was not ready.Regarding the violation by the referee, Li yan said that zhou Yang was judged to be on the runway, and she did not slide either, but she interfered with the Korean athletes.China was disqualified for foul play in the women’s 3,000m relay race after leading for the last three laps.The reflection brought by this is that the relay is not only a test of the strength of the athletes, no mistakes and no foul is also very important, for the Chinese short track speed skating team, this silver medal is not a problem, the problems exposed behind it need to warn the Chinese short track speed skating team to remember this failure.In the evening, Wu Dajing led the short track mixed team relay. Fan Kecin, who lost in sochi 2014, will also take part in the competition. I hope China can have good luck, no mistakes, no foul, and win the gold medal.