The first batch of national first aid education pilot schools list released!The six schools in Jiangsu were selected

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Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on The Construction and Management of the First Batch of Experimental First-aid Education in Schools, announced the list of the first batch of 201 schools and the Implementation Plan of the first Batch of Experimental First-aid Education in Schools (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Plan).A total of 6 schools from Jiangsu were selected — Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (the leader unit of the provincial cooperation group), Changzhou Engineering Vocational And Technical College, Jiangsu Health Vocational College, Middle school affiliated to Nanjing Normal University, Jiangsu Xidong Senior High School, Jiangsu Tongzhou Secondary Professional SchoolThe Implementation Plan promotes the pilot work of first aid education in schools in China from three aspects: general requirements, key tasks and organizational guarantee.The general requirements of pilot work on improving student health literacy as the core, to popularize first aid knowledge and skills as the key point, in order to improve the campus emergency rescue ability as the goal, work hard to school first aid knowledge popularization, first aid facilities, first aid skills training, etc, form can be copied, can promote first aid education experience.The implementation plan identifies six key pilot tasks.First, we will improve the working mechanism.We will coordinate resources to support pilot projects.Provincial education administrative departments make overall arrangements to promote the pilot work and gradually expand the scope of the pilot.Second, build training bases.Pilot schools with convenient transportation, perfect training facilities and professional teachers are selected as provincial training bases to radiate and drive the local first-aid education and training.The third is to form a team of mentors.The pilot Work Office, together with the Red Cross And other departments, set up a training mentor team, and provincial education administrative departments recommended teachers from medical schools with high professional levels, strong practical ability and experience in first-aid training to participate.Fourth, strengthen the teaching staff.Focus on training school doctors, physical education and health teachers, head teachers and other staff to ensure that no less than 10 staff have completed the training of first aid education trainers.Fifth, carry out student training.The pilot schools are required to train at least 100 students every year, and organize and carry out activities to demonstrate students’ first-aid knowledge and skills.Sixth, improve the certificate system.Local areas can adopt the existing training certificates of professional institutions such as the Red Cross society and first-aid centers based on the actual situation, or rely on the cooperation of qualified medical colleges and universities to develop first-aid training certificates.The implementation plan requires provincial education authorities to strengthen the organization and leadership of the pilot work, clarify the responsibilities of relevant departments, and carry out intra-provincial cooperation and inter-provincial exchanges.Carry out public welfare publicity of school first aid education extensively, promote typical cases of school first aid education, and create a good atmosphere for first aid education.Pilot schools are required to incorporate the pilot work into the main points of the annual work, strengthen management, and increase coordination and allocation.Enterprises of first-aid facilities and equipment were mobilized to support pilot schools in equipping them with adequate, practical and applicable first-aid facilities and equipment.Source: Official website of Ministry of Education