Moon Jae-in is not coming!South Korea’s official announcement of its officials to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics is also a big one

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Watched the Beijing Olympics held the grand sporting event only 10 days or so, the list of countries attending the Olympic Games have been released, the results have shown that leave no room for getting together around the world in the United States for the winter Olympics boycott, there are still a lot of countries willing to stand on the side of a symbol of the Olympic spirit.South Korea is one of a number of countries that are curious about what they have to say about the Olympics.Unlike earlier speculation that President Moon would visit China in person, the speaker of the National Assembly has decided to send the representative to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Moon will visit China from February 3 to 6 to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which is almost impossible according to the current announcement by the Rok side.Although Moon jae-in did not come, which made many people feel sorry, but the South Korean delegate Park Byung-seok, but also a small, so he can basically represent that South Korea still hopes to develop a friendly trend with China.On the outside world, however, speculated that in Yin’s failed to according to the people expected to attend in person, does not rule out is the result of the pressure in the United States, because this paragraph of time, because of the country who had announced that the Beijing Olympics, the President of the United States have feel shameful, and South Korea as a key ally in the region of the United States, South Korea’s position is more a symbol of some special meaning,What South Korea does is important to him, at least for the United States.According to media reports, the Rok National Assembly has announced that the Rok speaker will personally go to Beijing during the Beijing Winter Olympics and attend the opening ceremony, and will personally be there to cheer for the ROK athletes.Suddenly, the arrival of the news that some people are disappointed, after all the previous article in Yin has revealed he is expected to attend the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics, news, and it comes at a time when he last months of his presidency, if wen in Yin really can do, there will be a stronger impetus for china-rok relations, except that in Yin is due to the pressure from the United States,He failed to bring the china-South Korea relationship to a close at the end of his term.However, some people say that it is not a bad thing for the Speaker of the Rok to attend in person without Moon jae-in. Although Moon’s official position is obviously more important, he will leave office soon, so whether Moon jae-in attends or not will largely represent himself.However, since Park is the speaker of the National Assembly and the news was released by the National Assembly, it is more likely to represent the opinion of the entire National Assembly, which can also be called the mainstream opinion of South Korea.Some references: China News network, China Youth network, National Defense Times