After the star Spring Festival Gala performance, Wang Jiaer went home to accompany his parents, Li Ronghao jing Boran eat dumplings

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New Year’s Eve must be indispensable, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival party full point, I think everyone has enjoyed!Whether it was a laugh-out-loud skit or a raucous cabaret act, the whole performance went smoothly without any major mistakes.This also depends on the previous rehearsals and drills, the actors and staff paid a lot of hard work, in order to achieve a perfect presentation of the evening party.After finishing the show, most of the stars would rush home quickly to receive a hug from their families and have a reunion dinner together. For example, Wang Jiaer posted a photo of having a New Year’s Eve dinner with his family.It was early in the morning when he returned home, but his family was waiting for him to come back.There was only a steaming pot of seafood on the table, but as Wang Jiaer said: It’s not what you eat, but who you eat with.Being able to get together with his parents on New Year’s Eve was the happiest thing for Wang Jiaer.Li Ronghao also rushed home after the performance, waiting for him at home not only his family, but also a Jing Boran!This wave of dream link is true to let everyone unexpectedly, the two brothers posted a photo of the two people wearing white clothes, although the size of the eye is still quite a lot of difference, but they are very handsome!Jing Boran also ate dumplings together in Li Ronghao’s home, and shouted to the New Year together, it seems to be iron iron true brothers no doubt!After returning home, Jia Also sent a dynamic message, wishing everyone happiness in the Year of the Tiger.He also appears to be holding a shot glass in the accompanying selfie, suggesting he could use a sip with dinner at home.Jia nailiang also said that he was “dry”, as expected, a straightforward northerner.In addition to returning home to reunite with their parents and family, Jia and Ma also posted photos with their friends and colleagues who performed the skit together.Ma Li sighed: The best people and things have always been around, it seems that mahua happy friendship is indeed very deep, the atmosphere is also super good.But everyone is happy than gesture, why sit in the front row of C tenge so dull, is going to transition into the “blue”?Jia ling posted an adorable photo of them all standing in a row.As the mainstays of the gala stage, jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei’s sketch performances are always highly anticipated.There are many audiences are directed at the happy mahua and large bowl of entertainment skits to see the Spring Festival Gala, but also satisfied to be amused belly laugh, I hope they can bring more joy in the year of the Tiger!Deng Chao, who performed on the stage, was also a member of the atmosphere group when he got off the stage. He even asked if everyone had been handsome.He makes funny moves for the camera, which makes everyone around him laugh.This year, Super brother’s performance is also very “bright”, becoming a representative of the “social bull syndrome”.Even at home watching the Spring Festival gala sun Li in beating her husband: jump out of the picture.Don’t know super elder brother will be laughed at by the empress after going home?Spring Festival gala director group saw the super brother so excited to work hard performance, the next time will ask him?Thanks to all the actors for their hard work, so that we can see such a wonderful and fun performance.I hope all actors and actresses will take their work more seriously in the Year of the Tiger, achieve better results and create more beautiful works for us!This article without authorization is strictly prohibited reprint offenders will investigate!