No contrast, no harm?Winter Olympics high-tech bed attracted the attention of Japanese media, American athletes in the side repair knife

2022-07-05 0 By

The bed in the bedroom of Olympic athletes has caught the attention of Japanese media.On February 4, Japan’s Kyodo News agency published a special article, the Beijing Winter Olympics black technology bed and the Tokyo Olympic Games used corrugated cardboard bed to do a comparison, directly in Japan triggered a hot debate.In the article, frankly said that although corrugated board bed is more environmental protection, but compared with environmental protection, Beijing Winter Olympics black technology bed not only fit the actual needs of athletes, and lying on the top more comfortable.Coupled with a full sense of technology, also make athletes feel more fresh.Compared with the two, the black technology bed of the Beijing Winter Olympics seems more attractive.British media also praised the bed, which can not only detect the heartbeat and breathing rate, but also automatically adjust according to the curve of a person’s body to guide athletes into a deep sleep and have a better sleep.American athletes who participated in the Tokyo Olympics came forward to “make up for the knife”, mercilessly said that the sight of the Beijing Winter Olympics bed reminded me of all kinds of discomfort lying on a corrugated bed.Although the corrugated cardboard beds used in The Tokyo Olympics convey the concept of environmental protection, but foreign athletes seem to prefer the “black technology beds” of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Women’s bobsledder Summer Britcher, for example, sees the bed as a fun, playful treasure, constantly testing patterns.Such as “zero gravity mode”, “massage mode” and so on.In particular, the smart mode can adjust the height of the head according to the sound of snoring to ease the impact of snoring on sleep.Some athletes said, “This is the perfect bed for sleeping.”On the contrary, Tokyo Olympic Games corrugated board bed, but more than a “former unbearable” melancholy.