“Fake major General” Dong Xianwei cheated 3.8 million yuan, was arrested after the police asked: I am not a major general?

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In the era of rapid social development, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, but at the same time, there will be a lot of lazy, all day thinking about people who get something for nothing, in real life there is such a person, the top of the title of “major” cheat, over time, he also believe that he is really “major”.There is no such thing as an impermeable wall. The “fake major General” was finally exposed. What is unexpected is the “fake major General” replied, “I am not a major general?Why do you want to arrest me?”The tone of its answer to the question is not a bit of panic, really think he is a real “major general”.A family background, Dong Xianwei Dong Xianwei was born in the countryside, from small family situation is not very good, have a very hard every day, Dong Xianwei parents since childhood hopes his son can become, no longer yourself this bitter days in the countryside, but Dong Xianwei from learning is bad, and also don’t learn, don’t know their parents’ painstaking, going her own way.Because of his poor family, he often liked to make fun of his classmates when he saw that their clothes and food were better than his own, and every time he would bully his classmates and cry. Perhaps because of jealousy and family reasons, Dong Xianwei was very rebellious when he was young and never listened to his parents’ advice.Perhaps because Dong Xianwei’s parents thought their children were small, grew up may change, and let their children nonsense, but the habit of childhood, as well as parents’ indulgence, dong Xianwei junior high school was thinking of dropping out of school to work, regardless of their parents’ advice resolutely left, began his way of working.Dong Xianwei’s character is very lazy, and always think of opportunistic, unearned, after Repeated thinking in Dong Xianwei, decided to go to other places to work alone to make money, but never go out of Dong Xianwei, out of the two eyes a black, what also don’t know.Fortunately, on the recommendation of his fellow villagers, he went to a construction site. At first, he was ok, but after a while, he felt very tired and left soon because of his lazy attitude.Dong always believed that he could make a lot of money, and that he could succeed without any hard work.Therefore Dong Xianwei will look for a job everywhere, let Dong Xianwei did not expect that he found a lot of companies are not suitable for themselves, tired work do not want to do, easy work people do not, finally, under the accident coincidence into the “pyramid selling” organization.After dong xianwei entered MLM organization, he was afraid of this industry at the beginning, but with the training again and again, he felt that this job is not bad, at least not very tired, but also can make a lot of money.After a period of time, Dong Xianwei for MLM organization cheated a lot of people, and practiced a good eloquence.But the pyramid scheme was already illegal and was soon discovered by the police, shattering Dong’s dream and getting educated by the police for a while.After coming out, Dong Xianwei did not repent, did not realize their mistakes, still want to take a shortcut, through their own training eloquence to cheat.By chance, Dong Xianwei learned that the parents of children around want to send their children to the military academy, Dong Xianwei thought, can he pretend to be a soldier to recruit students?With the emergence of this idea, Dong Xianwei’s heart can not bear, decided to pretend to be a soldier to cheat, the target is those of their children because of some reasons can not go to the military academy parents.Three, Dong Xianwei posing as “major” because Dong Xianwei was afraid of their own not like, in the fraud also specially prepared, first through other channels to do a fake military certificate, and then prepared a uniform.After putting on the military uniform, Dong Xianwei felt his decision was correct. Wearing the military uniform, who could have thought that he was pretending to be?Of course, Dong xianwei knows that this is not enough, if only their appearance can convince others, there are many people in the industry already.To make himself look more like a cadre, he bought books on the army and concentrated on his studies until he felt he could handle others.Secondly, knowledge is not enough, but also the temperament and tone of speech, Dong Xianwei deliberately rehearses for a long time, until he is satisfied with the start of action.Because before in MLM organization dry, so Dong Xianwei’s mouth is really good.Dong xianwei has been questioned in the process of cheating, but with his superb acting skills, this is not a problem.Dong Xianwei is the ceiling of conning.In the process of cheating, he had invited people to dinner many times, let them help him introduce people in need, so to find more and more people.And Dong Xianwei told them that they can help them into the military academy, package distribution, but need to pay two hundred thousand yuan tuition fees.At the same time in order to let their behavior is not found, Dong Xianwei specifically asked them not to say money and others things, otherwise things let the superior found that the future of the child is gone, so, Dong Xianwei false “major” road began.But to Dong’s surprise, his crimes were revealed and he was arrested by the police.Four, in hindsight, the victim because Dong Xianwei introduce children to the place is not a normal point, it would be easy to found the problem, by a child later, where victims children find themselves not military academy, but similar to adult education, and have been promised a graduation will be ranks, package distribution is impossible.After the parents learned of their child’s situation, they also realized that their family might have been cheated and cheated out of up to 200,000 yuan of tuition fees.So in 2013, dong’s victims all over the country did not trust him and reported him. When dong was arrested by the police, his answer was even more shocking: “Am I not a” major “?Why are you trying to arrest me?According to the police, Dong xianwei used his acting skills to cheat a total of 3.8 million yuan while using the fake rank of “major”.Have to say, this is a high profiteering industry, but also a high-risk industry, a little careless is the abyss.Five, the conclusion Dong Xianwei event not only told us not to take any chances, more not to think of something for nothing, there is no such thing as a pie, how much will have much return, never think about to touch the legal bottom line, when do anything want to consider to be clear about the consequences, don’t wait until after the regret.At the same time, the majority of children’s parents should be more alert, to have the ability to distinguish between true and false, do not easily believe what others say, every parent is looking for success, hope female chengfeng, but the growth of the child is the need for their own efforts, do not easily believe strange people, more do not believe in the hands of cheater “back door”.