International Children’s Book Day, When Reading meets Travel

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Taipei, April 2 (Taiwan Herald reporter Chen Lei) April 2 is the International Children’s Book Day, how much do children in Xiamen love reading?According to statistics, in 2021, 2.11 million children visited the municipal and district children’s libraries and borrowed 6.76 million books.Yesterday, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism guided the xiamen Children’s Library to release the 2021 Xiamen children’s book borrowing situation and children’s reading ten books list, and launched five “Children’s Reading Xiamen” boutique travel routes, to facilitate the integration of culture and tourism.It is worth mentioning that in addition to online travel experience, families can also read online and travel to Xiamen through the “Cloud Reading Tour xiamen” activity of Xiamen Culture, Tourism and Finance media platform.Children in Xiamen keep good reading habits.According to Huang Tianzhu, director of the Municipal Children’s Library, a student surnamed Wang borrowed 847 books every year, with an average of 2.3 books per day. He became the reader with the highest number of books borrowed last year, and the top ten books borrowed more than 650 times.Xiamen Children’s Library also sorted out the “top 10 Reading books for Xiamen children in 2021” according to the borrowing frequency and consultation number of books in its collection, from which the reading trend of parents and families can be seen.After, rates of parents of young children to read more and more attention, focus on the reading of children’s intelligence development, kindergarten school readiness, popular science and mathematics enlightenment, emotion management, the habit of picture books, Finland writer Tina Noah Paula “naughty when he” series, Japanese writer wrasse straight side “drive on” series for the first time into the “big book ten single”;In the reading of children’s literature works, classic and traditional children’s literature still occupy an important position. Chinese traditional culture books with pictures and pictures are popular among children.At the same time, Children’s fantasy adventure novels such as “Moduo Riddle Adventure” by Leo Fantasy have become popular books borrowed by many primary and secondary school students.With the internationalization of Xiamen, the enlightenment of English reading is also valued by Xiamen parents.As xiamen Children’s Library, which has the first original English reading room in Mainland China — Mingde English Library, the borrowing volume of original English children’s books is also increasing year by year, with the borrowing volume increasing by 22.6% in five years.English graded books “Experience English Children’s Reading Library” and “ICanRead” series are warmly welcomed by parents.Childishness read xiamen, online to take children to a micro urban travel in the book in the morning reading interesting animals living habits, afternoon can to ling ling circus city feel fabulous near the animals, or through the “xiamen article brigade” melting media watch the stars of online video circus animals in the city, in the evening also can share food to animal theme of star hotel restaurant…On this year’s International Children’s Book Day, the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism also integrated cultural and tourism resources and launched the first “Children’s Heart Read Xiamen” boutique travel route, in the form of online and offline interaction, extending children’s reading from the library to the city life, so that children can feel the city and love their hometown more.In addition, the city museum, Hulishan fortress wenbao wonderful night and other parent-child tourism products are also integrated into the route.”Xiamen is like a book that can be read for thousands of times without getting tired of it,” said a person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. “There are many good places for education and fun, and a new horizon can be opened for children in Xiamen to gain new knowledge while playing.”Links & gt;>>>>>1. “I was late because…”The Great China Treasure Hunt series 5. The Genius Sophie Simon by Lisa Graff 6. The Naughty Cish by Tina Nopola 7.The Plot on the Airship: The Detective Stories around Led Zeppelin (Germany) by Annette Neubauer 9. The Adventures of Merdodo (Merdodo) by Leo’s Vision 10. Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan SwiftAncient and modern expo enjoy the heart hulishan Fortress → Xiamen Museum → Xiamen Science and Technology Museum → Xiamen Library → Lujiang night tour/” Happy Event in Xiamen “2.Ocean wave sen fun art tiankai Garden botanical Garden → Xiamen Children’s Library (Zhongshan Museum) → Zhongshan Park → Huandao Road Coconut Village Marine Science Park → Olympic Museum → Minnan Grand Theater 3.N Undang Nursery rhymes Xiamen Children’s Library (Wen Zao Pavilion) > > Lake Tidal Square > > Huwei Mountain Meteorological Theme Park > > Cherry-blossom Valley.Shining red star classic reading Xiamen Revolutionary Martyrs’ Deeds Exhibition Hall → Chinese young Pioneers team song Square (hero Xiao8 Road Memorial Hall) → Zhong Lun Park → Yan Jiyou Bookstore (Baolong store) 5.Xiamen City Library jimei New Pavilion Area → Cheng Yi Ke Exploration Center → Lingling International Circus City night Tour project