In 2021, 100% write-off will be completed in advance for shenyang Culture and Tourism benefit coupons

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From the tens of millions of consumer vouchers to see “vegetation tendril hair spring mountain is expected” consumption is the starting point of the entire economic cycle, small electronic consumer vouchers with economic development “catalyst” big kinetic energy.On April 27, 2021, shenyang Municipal government held a press conference to announce the launch of 2021 cultural and tourism consumption vouchers, which is a powerful move to stimulate the potential of culture and tourism consumption for two consecutive years since 2020.The issuance of consumer vouchers for cultural and tourism benefits has effectively promoted the recovery of shenyang’s cultural and tourism market and social economy under the epidemic situation, and enhanced people’s sense of gain and happiness.And, more importantly, one is cancel after verification of electronic coupons for shenyang cultural tourism consumption to aggressive preferential subsidies, the purpose of the lead guest into the sink at the same time, effectively helping the city tour industry practitioners through, has inspired the city’s tourism industry to further breakthrough innovation, yong yi wen forward confidence and motivation, confidence is more precious than gold forever.Text brigade huimin vouchers repeating work two years 2021 MSC in advance on April 29, 2021, shenyang and cultural tourism bureau of radio and television in combination with China unionpay liaoning branch, with “the legendary shengjing Charm of shenyang “as the theme of the text brigade launched huimin issuing coupons, the active participation of the city’s culture and tourism industry, and citizen consumption zeal,The 2021 Shenyang Culture and Tourism Benefit consumer voucher issuance, which is scheduled to end on February 28, 2022, has been concluded ahead of schedule on January 18.Data show that as of January 18 this year, in 2021, shenyang culture and tourism benefit consumer vouchers to realize the cancellation of a total of 171,275 consumer vouchers, the cumulative amount of acceptance subsidy of 11 million yuan, the cancellation progress to achieve 100%.The direct driving effect is 3.3 times and the indirect driving effect is 7.7 times. The 2021 consumption voucher issuance activity has strongly activated the enthusiasm for participation in The cultural and tourism industry in Shenyang.Participating businesses cover 11 categories of cultural and tourism industries in Shenyang, including hotels, travel agencies, bookstores, theaters, entertainment venues, creative parks, cinemas, tourist attractions, cultural and museum venues, Internet cafes, cultural and creative products sales shops and so on.Data showed that by the end of the campaign, a total of 474 merchants participated in the event.Compared with the initial stage of the activity, 170 new activity merchants.Compared with 2020, 342 new businesses were added.Fully reflects the cultural travel industry practitioners strong willingness to participate.According to estimates, during the event, the consumption coupons directly drove the consumption of the cultural tourism industry of 36.15300 yuan, 3.3 times the direct driving effect;Indirectly driving cultural tourism industry consumption of 843507 million yuan, indirect driving effect of 7.7 times, successfully achieved the expected goal.Starting from April 2021, all 6 stores of Wanda Cinema in Shenyang will participate in the issuance of 2021 Shenyang Culture and Tourism Benefit consumer vouchers.Driven by consumer vouchers, enterprises have further enhanced their visibility, recognition and trust by virtue of the government’s promotion platform.Data provided by Liu Yue, wanda Cinema shenyang regional marketing manager, shows that in 2021, shenyang Culture and tourism benefit consumer vouchers directly increased the passenger flow of more than 500,000 people for the cinema;Compared with 2019, wanda Cinema’s operating performance in Shenyang in 2021 increased by 17%.Why has the consumption voucher produced such a big effect in Wanda Cinema?”We opened the online and offline cancellation channels at the same time,” Liu said. “Consumers who purchase tickets online through The Wanda App can enjoy a discount of 30 yuan when they reach 60 yuan, expanding the coverage of the event.At the same time, in order to match the release of consumer coupons, Wanda Cinema has lowered the discount price of movie tickets from the original 45-50 yuan to 30 yuan per ticket. In this way, if you buy two movie tickets, you can use a coupon of 60 yuan less 30 yuan. Consumers can actually buy two movie tickets with 30 yuan.”As soon as the consumption voucher was launched, the operating situation of travel agencies was reversed. Travel agencies, hotels and other industries were greatly impacted by the epidemic. Through the issuance of consumption vouchers, the two industries respectively realized the consumption driving effect of 12,114,400 yuan and 7,328,500 yuan, helping some enterprises with difficulties solve the pressing problem, improve their earnings and tide over the difficulties.Gu Ming, head of Shenyang Tiancheng International Travel Service, recalled the scene at the beginning of 2021. “March and April are the peak seasons for tourism every year, but last year, there were only a few customers every day. It was really sad.”The business situation of the travel agency changed after it participated in the consumption voucher program.Gu Ming said, for travel agencies to distribute consumption coupons is over 300 yuan minus 100 yuan, just to meet the needs of citizens around the tour.Each store saw a five – to tenfold increase in customer traffic in late April and early May, the spring outing season.Statistics show that in 2021, shenyang Culture and tourism benefit consumer voucher issuance activities, Shenyang Sweet Cheng International Travel Service has paid a total of more than 807,400 yuan of consumer vouchers, driving the transaction volume of more than 255.89 million yuan, not only greatly alleviated the operating pressure under the impact of the epidemic, but also brought confidence for the enterprise to tide over the difficulties.According to the data statistics of UnionPay network, in 2021, in the issuing process of consumer vouchers for cultural and tourism benefits in Shenyang, the number of consumer vouchers for bookstore scene was the largest, with a total of more than 49,000.The issuance of consumption vouchers coincides with the 13th National reading season in Shenyang, which further stimulates the citizens’ reading enthusiasm.Chen Dan, general manager of marketing Division of Xinhua Bookstore North Book City Co., LTD., introduced that the North book City drove consumption of 324000 yuan through 2021 Shenyang culture and tourism benefit consumer voucher activities, consumption vouchers to improve the unit price of book consumers, to help enterprises through the epidemic brought by the operation of the difficulties played a very big role in promoting.”Books are not necessities of life, but in the bookstore scenario, the number of consumption vouchers is the largest, which to some extent reflects the rich spiritual and cultural life of citizens and the driving role of consumption vouchers in improving the level of urban cultural consumption.”Jiuwu cultural city marketing planning manager Duan Lili said.From the book sales situation of Jiuwu Cultural City, in addition to the rigid demand for teaching auxiliary books, books related to the founding of the Party for one hundred years, bestsellers loved by young people, and children’s picture books, etc. have achieved a considerable increase in sales.Both material and spiritual benefits, culture and tourism vouchers benefit enterprises, benefit the people, and promote consumption replenishment and unleash consumption potential.In 2021, shenyang culture and tourism benefit consumer voucher allows citizens to get real benefits, further activating the citizens’ enthusiasm for cultural tourism consumption.Ms. Zhou, a heping district resident with a family of three avid readers, used to buy books online, but after receiving the Shenyang Culture Travel Benefit coupons, she found that the prices of physical bookstores were cheaper.”At the end of April, Jiuwu Cultural City held an event to offer a 20 percent discount coupon for all books. I remember clearly that I bought 188 yuan of books, but actually I only paid 100 yuan. It was a great deal.”Since then, Ms. Zhou said, the family has visited bookstores whenever they have time. “On the one hand, you feel like you’re enjoying the books, and on the other hand, you can keep your consumption in the local area. It’s good.”Has to the seventies of The White lady told reporters, she and his wife rarely into the cinema, but in the consumer vouchers under the impetus, the two people together into the cinema to see the film “Changjin Lake”, and then went to shenyang martyrs cemetery and Shenyang martyrs memorial hall.”Reliving that historical period brings back a lot of memories and makes me cherish the happy life now.Looking back now, I really appreciate this seemingly insignificant consumption voucher, which brings me and my wife a rich experience in our old age.”She said.In 2021, consumers in bookstores, travel agencies, hotels, cinemas and other industries are enthusiastic about participating in the process of issuing consumer vouchers for cultural and tourism benefits in Shenyang.Entertainment venues, theaters, scenic spots, Internet cafes, board games, cultural industry creative parks, wenbowen and other businesses also actively participate in this consumption voucher activity, with the help of the government platform publicity resources, get benefits.Although this event has ended, businesses in the cultural and tourism industry have told reporters that the supportive policies brought by the government’s friendly activities will continue to bring confidence and power to the recovery and development of the industry.At the same time, it is also expected that relevant departments can continue to introduce measures to benefit enterprises and people, and the whole industry will work together to promote the growth of shenyang culture and tourism consumption, and help the overall upgrading and high-quality development of Shenyang culture and tourism economy.Shenyang Daily, Shenyang daily all media senior reporter Liu Yang/director reporter Li Hao/photo