Community door-to-door service “Zero distance” to do a good “close friend” of residents

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We will improve the quality of elderly care services, optimize the supply of elderly care services, and ensure that the elderly enjoy a happy old age.In recent days, some communities in Xi ‘an have carried out various forms of door-to-door services for the elderly, to do a good job of “good Samaritan” residents.”I am older, thanks to the community to help, let me get rid of troubles.”March 27, Lianhu District Lijun west living area building 20, 70-year-old Li E, holding the hand of the community staff said thank you.Recently, more than 100 elderly people in Lijun West living area had to walk two stops to lijun West Pharmaceutical Factory to apply for old-age certification procedures because they could not use smart phones.”The elderly are worried about the fact that they have to walk two blocks and it’s not safe to get around.”Feng Chaoying, party secretary of Lijunxi community, said that in order to solve the problems of the elderly, the community invited social organizations into the community, using smart phones for elderly care certification.In order to ensure that the elderly pension certification work does not leak, the community issued a day in advance of the event notice.In the early morning of The 27th, the elderly gathered in front of the square of the community Party and mass service center and were certified with the help of volunteers and community workers.After more than two hours of busy, more than 100 elderly people at home to complete the certification.In attestation process, be informed li e old person because suffer from leg disease, inconvenient go downstairs, staff walks into old people to deal with endowment attestation for her.”I was worried, and luckily you came to my house to help me out.”Li e said.Community legal consultants come to the door to provide accurate legal services, and send care to groups with special difficulties.Two days ago, Wei Haishan, an octogenarian in xixiang high-rise community, learned that the community was publicizing the legal aid law, so she turned to the Community for help, hoping to get the community’s help.Knowing that she was 87 years old and could not move easily, the community arranged a special person to take care of the matter.On March 26, wang Hengfei, the community legal adviser, went to the elderly’s home to deliver the law to the elderly.Classics understanding, the old man 1995 buys office supplies for the unit on the way to fall injured wrist, the unit pays medical treatment fee for its at that time only, did not make compensation.Since then, the old wrist injury repeated attacks, continued to buy medicine, the unit has been reimbursed.In early March this year, the old man was denied the responsibility when he applied for reimbursement of drug expenses to the unit, and has not completed the reimbursement yet.After understanding the situation of the elderly, Wang Hengfei explained labor relations, industrial injury loss proof and legal limitations, so that the elderly clear the clue, know how to protect their rights according to law.”Thank you so much for lighting up the house.”On March 25, wang Guiying, an octogenarian, looked at a staff member of The Ronghua Ode to Joy Elderly Care Service Center in SAN Yao’s district to help clean the house.Clean the smoking machine, clean the house, repair the water and electrical pipes……On the same day, the community pension service center organized staff to carry out door-to-door services for more than ten elderly people.Door-to-door delivery service, prevention and control is not lax.Each staff member of the community pension service center took nucleic acid test in advance, wore shoe covers, masks, gloves, etc., cleaned the home for the elderly, and applied for pension certification.”Thank you, hard work, thank the party and the country did not forget us veterans.”Ninety – year veteran Yang Weiguo said excitedly.Timely attention to the needs of the elderly, affectionate implementation of the old service.Every community has taken concrete actions to carry out the action of “Doing practical things for the people”, sending the warmth of the Party and the government to the elderly, serving the elderly in their hearts, and enabling them to live at ease and enjoy a happy old age.Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Li Dongfeng community for the picture