Open for free!

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Official announcement – starting from January 31, 2022, elephant Trunk Mountain scenic spot in Guilin will be fully open for free ☟☟☟ Located at the confluence of Taohua River and Lijiang River in Guilin, West District of Guangxi, elephant Trunk Mountain scenic spot is the city emblem of Guilin and a must for tourists to Guilin.The 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Rooster once set up a branch venue in the scenic spot.After the free opening, Elephant Trunk Mountain scenic spot will strengthen its construction, enhance service capacity, promote upgrading and development, and strive to build Elephant Trunk Mountain scenic spot into the national preferred tourist destination and help Guilin to build a world-class tourist city.It is located at the confluence of lijiang River and Taohua River in the center of Guilin. It is shaped like a giant elephant. Between the trunk and the leg of the elephant, it is a round hole of about 150 square meters.The water moon of Xiangshan mountain located on the west bank is opposite to the rock that wears the moon on the east bank of The Lijiang River, hanging in the sky and floating in the water, forming a strange landscape of “double moon on the Lijiang River”.Last year (2021 years), the May Day holiday xiangshan scenic area open to visitors free attracts visitors from all over the country to “clock in” at the same time take fire the elephant trunk hill ice cream milk, strawberry, mango, three flavors, elephant trunk hill ice cream was delicious and good-looking today, elephant trunk hill scenic area comprehensive free partners about it hasn’t come yet played up friends swim with lijiang ~ sources:Guilin evening