Melon seeds and peanuts, one let you gain weight, one help you lose weight, may be many people did not eat right

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In our country, peanuts and melon seeds are especially popular nuts. Whether it is on festivals or in daily life, there are always some melon seeds or peanuts on the dinner plate at the table at home.Eating sunflower seeds and peanuts while watching TV or chatting with others at home is a great way to pass the time.For some wine lovers, melon seeds and peanuts are also good to drink, so it can be said that these two nuts can be found in everyday life.The seeds and peanuts are small, but they can squeeze out peanut and sunflower oil, which are also popular with consumers.Peanut and melon seeds among the nutrients are very high, if the person who wants to lose weight, before eating melon seeds and peanuts will be particularly hesitant, do not know which kind to eat, heard that melon seeds and peanuts a eat can lose weight, a eat will gain weight, so the fact is how?Let’s find out today.01 melon seeds and peanuts, a let you fat, help you lose weight, many people may not eat of every 100 grams of dried melon seeds in the quantity of heat is probably around 570 calories, and every 100 grams of peanuts, in which heat is probably around 580 calories, compared with peanuts has more heat than the melon seeds, so is this peanut easy get fat,Can melon seeds help you lose weight?The answer is that peanuts are more likely to help you lose weight.In contrast, melon seeds are high in saturated fatty acids, which can raise cholesterol if eaten too much, while peanuts are high in unsaturated fatty acids, which can help the body burn fat.
In addition, peanuts also contain rich dietary fiber, which can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the discharge of garbage and toxins in the body, and can play the effect of moisturizing intestines and defecating.So usually appropriate to eat peanuts, can accelerate the body’s metabolism in the invisible, but also help people lose weight.Peanuts are also a great source of zinc and vitamin E, which can boost memory and fight aging, as well as moisturizing your skin.Now let’s look at the seeds, seeds not only contain a lot of calories, the fat content is particularly high, 100 grams of seeds contain 49.4 grams of fat.If you eat regularly, it will easily lead to excessive intake of oil, which will also easily induce obesity.Especially in the process of making seeds will also add some sugar and accessories, you can see a variety of flavors of seeds in the supermarket when buying seeds, especially the very popular caramel seeds, this kind of seeds in the production of a lot of additives and sugar.Some melon seeds will even add edible salt, so that a large amount of eating will easily lead to excessive sodium, in addition to inducing obesity, but also easy to bring cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Of course, melon seeds are not all good, melon seeds are rich in iron, for patients with iron deficiency anemia, usually appropriate to eat some melon seeds can play the effect of iron, and vitamin E can delay aging.But when we eat melon seeds, we must pay attention to appropriate consumption, daily consumption of not more than 50 grams, and then choose bitter aspects also try to choose some original melon seeds.02 In addition, the three “vegetarian” calories are not low, dieters should eat less bean curd bamboo is a kind of bean products, the calorie is actually very high, because in the process of making bean curd bamboo into some additives, so it also increases its extra calories.Although beancurd bamboo looks like a “good diet”, it is easy to put on weight when eaten in large quantities.In addition, like vegetarian beef brisket, vegetarian chicken and other imitation meat food, also like beancurd bamboo, are all vegetarian dishes, but in fact, the calorie is not low, so must avoid during weight loss.Eggplant the quantity of heat of eggplant is very low, but why does not fit to eat during reducing weight quite however?In fact, it has something to do with the eggplant.People who can do eggplant may know that eggplant is very oil absorption, we usually choose fish fragrant eggplant or braised eggplant in brown sauce when doing eggplant.Dry eggplant will taste good only when it is saturated with oil, but this will easily lead to excessive intake of oil, which will easily lead to people getting fat.Potatoes potatoes are very common vegetables, but they contain a lot of starch, nutritional value and noodles, rice and other staple foods about the same, the heat is also very high.In every 100 grams of potatoes generally contain about 86 calories of heat, in the vegetable category of the heat ranking is very front, generally the same quality of green leafy vegetables bring heat is half of the potato.So for those who want to control their weight, they must reduce the intake of potatoes at ordinary times.Conclusion: the above is about melon seeds and peanuts in the end who can help lose weight, who can gain weight related content, I do not know what you think after reading this article, what food in daily life seems to gain weight can actually help people lose weight, you can leave a message in the comment section to share.Guide to Summer Regimen