Hubris!National foot war Vietnam eve, Vietnam forward bold words: 2-0 beat China

2022-07-03 0 By

Beijing time, February 1st, tonight at 8 o ‘clock, The Chinese national football team will meet with the Vietnamese national football team in the top 12 tournament of honor.Although China’s national team has a theoretical chance of qualifying for the World Cup, the near-zero probability has declared that China has no hope of qualifying for the World Cup.Tonight’s game is the glory of the National football team.What do you think of Vietnamese striker Nguyen Chin-ling’s swagger that he wanted to beat China 2-0 to get three points?Welcome to comment.At present, the World Cup 12 strong preliminary seven games before the war, The National football team 1 win 2 draw 4 minus 5 points ranked the second bottom of the group, while Vietnam is 0-7 minus 0 ranked the first bottom of the group.Comparison of the two teams in the last twelve strong competition, the Chinese national football team is a 3-2 narrow victory.Whether the Chinese national football team and the Vietnamese team directly, or face other opponents in the group.The overall strength of the National football team is definitely stronger than Vietnam.However, in an interview before the match, Vietnamese striker Nguyen Chin-Ling said, “I hope the whole team can get three points against China and dedicate the victory to the Vietnamese fans.I hope to score and Vietnam will win 2-0.”We will try our best to defeat China and make a change for Vietnamese football with a new spirit of dedication,” said the coach.It seems that the Vietnamese team suddenly grew in confidence after watching China lose to Japan.But from the following points, The Chinese football team beat Vietnam easily.The first is the war of honor in grade one.China’s match against Vietnam fell on the first day of the Lunar New Year, at 8pm on prime time.In the face of the expectation of the national fans, the National football team will certainly be brave after the humiliation.Then there is the good mentality of the national football team.We all know that the more difficult the Chinese football team faces, the more it can give us some surprises.At present, the National football team wants to go out of the line of twelve strong preliminary basically no hope.Facing Vietnam in the battle of honor is expected to bring the majority of Chinese fans some surprises.