Planning adjustment!Fuzhou south ring to add 100 acres of high-quality homestead

2022-07-02 0 By

On January 27, Fuzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau issued the latest public notice of land parcel adjustment, which involves land parcel (lot G-14, H-04 and H-09 of cangshan District 350104-SCJ-G/H Management Unit) located on the east side of Nantai Avenue, west side of Zexu Avenue and north side of Beiyuan Road in Cangshan District.The draft of the plot control regulation has been studied and deliberated. According to relevant regulations, opinions of interested parties are now solicited, and the publicity period is from January 27, 2022 to February 26, 2022.It is understood that the land area involved in the adjustment is 8.96 hectares (134.4 mu) of dongsheng old factory land.The original planning uses include residential/commercial land, primary and secondary school land (planned middle school), kindergarten land, bus station land, etc.According to the latest published adjustment draft, the road network of the area is fine-tuned, the former primary and secondary school land is adjusted to the north (G-14), the former bus station, kindergarten and commercial and residential land are merged, and the use is adjusted to commercial and residential land (H-04).After the adjustment, the area will provide two mixed-use commercial and residential lots with a total land area of 6.78 hectares (101.7 mu) and a volume of 135,600 square meters, with a height limit of 50 meters.Plot design intent (for reference only) south 2nd ring area is expected to push for another one hundred mu of homestead, recent CangShan around south 2nd ring have been launched dongsheng the old factory building reconstruction projects, white hubei old change, this year will plan of fuzhou sanwei rubber chemical co., LTD. And the surrounding land project implementation, to further improve the south 2nd ring white lake pavilion nearby residents living conditions,Add supporting facilities for living and elderly care in the area, improve the image of the city, and promote the better and faster development of the surrounding economic circle.The planning adjustment involves the acquisition of dongsheng old factory land, including two residential land is expected to “shelf” auction in the near future.The two plots are close to the south Second Ring Road, Nantai Avenue, Zexu Avenue and other main roads, and close to baihuting Station of Subway Line 1, with good traffic conditions.In terms of living facilities, there are commercial facilities such as Baihuting Wanda Plaza (already opened), Fujian Commercial Plaza (Wal-Mart) and Zhongjun World City (scheduled to open at the end of next year), and SM Plaza is also expected to land in this area.At present, the peripheral sold in residential units are: the south China city | world jiing yue 32000 / ㎡, one ZeXu road, 32000 / ㎡, believe Mr Hainer trendy 2.5 29000 / ㎡, built the master build 26000 / ㎡, melting and fuzhou fu 2.6 29000 / ㎡, overseas Chinese star reputation 26500 / ㎡, itc phoenix the original 2.5 27000 / ㎡, etc.The residential buildings for sale are rongxin Guodong Mansion, Zhongjun Junsheng Mansion, Rongfa Beiyuan Yunzhu, City City project, etc.