The first meeting of “Trillion City” Nantong Year of the Tiger trumpeted to attract projects

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Nantong “Year of Business Environment Improvement” mobilization Meeting.On February 8, the first general meeting of the Year of the Tiger was held in Nantong city, Jiangsu Province. The mobilization meeting of “Investment Promotion Breakthrough Year” was followed by the mobilization meeting of “Business Environment Improvement Year”.If the “Breakthrough Year of Investment promotion” mobilization conference sounded the rallying call of the city’s New Year project construction and investment promotion, then the “Year of Business Environment Improvement” mobilization conference was a mobilization order to speed up the building of a first-class business environment.2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the first year after Nantong enters the trillion club.The report card for 2021 shows that the city achieved a GDP of 1.112.69 billion yuan, up 8.9 percent from the previous year.Facing the new deployment, how does Nantong do?”We should make every effort to achieve a major breakthrough in attracting investment and inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of Nantong with our vigorous spirit, energetic drive and ambitious momentum.”Nantong party secretary Wang Hui said.Nantong “Investment Promotion Breakthrough Year” mobilization meeting.People’s Daily online reporter Wang Jiliang set off a new upsurge of investment investment year of the Tiger to be the vanguard, the project started spearheading.Journalists noticed that a large number of major projects in Nantong were started on the day of the conference on August 8.According to introducing, in the first quarter this year, the city planning major new development project 182, plans a total investment of 149.7 billion yuan, among them, 26, rugao haian city 22, rudong 16, qidong district of 19, chongchuan district 12, 16, 17, nantong haimen area development zone 22, 14 Su Xitong park, tongzhou bay demonstration area of 18.Wu Xinming, the acting mayor of Nantong, said in his mobilization that new breakthroughs should be made in promoting investment and investment by highlighting implementation and transformation, further improving the work promotion mechanism around project signing, construction and operation, strengthening the whole process of project management services, and promoting all kinds of projects to start construction as soon as possible and achieve production and effect as soon as possible.We need to optimize the development environment to promote new breakthroughs in attracting investment, strengthen platforms and carriers, ensure land, policies, energy and other factors of production, and provide better services to enterprises.Wang Hui made clear the determination of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government to “grasp the project and attack the investment” at the mobilization meeting of “Investment promotion Breakthrough Year”, and proposed that the whole city should promote the new breakthrough of investment promotion by concept innovation, especially to coordinate the scale and quality, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of the project;Make overall plan to develop strengths and complement weaknesses, focus on strengthening industrial clusters;Overall planning and key areas, focus on optimizing spatial layout;Overall planning of incremental and inventory, focus on innovative ways and paths;We will coordinate development and security, and promote steady and long-term development.Yin Jianyong, director of Nantong Development and Reform Commission, said that this year, the commission will coordinate the four municipal major projects of advanced manufacturing, modern service, specialized and innovative, and scientific and technological innovation, and support the “steady” economic development with the “progress” of project construction.Specifically, we will make efforts to break through the “blocking points and difficulties” in project construction, create “everything is good” in project service and pay attention to the “quality, quality and efficiency” in project assessment.”Outstanding precision and pragmatic, brave as investment ‘researcher’;Strengthen scramble consciousness, brave when investment ‘fighter’;Dare to innovate and take on the responsibility, brave to be the ‘waiter’ of investment promotion.”Gao Hongyu, director general of Nantong Municipal Bureau of Commerce, described the work of the New Year with an image of the metaphor, “we will lock domestic investment projects of more than 500 million yuan, foreign investment projects of more than 30 million dollars, aiming at the major and large manufacturing industry, specialized special new, modern service industry and science and technology innovation, talent projects, and set off a comprehensive investment boom.”In the New Year’s work plan of Qidong Party Secretary Li Ling, the local government not only strives for a good start in the first quarter, but also anchors the advanced manufacturing industry in the new stage.”We will strive to achieve the ‘two 100’ targets, that is, no less than 100 new manufacturing projects with contracts of more than 100 million yuan and no less than 100 new manufacturing projects with contracts of more than 100 million yuan.We will unswervingly target Shanghai and southern Jiangsu, deepen the construction of Supporting Pudong Industrial Park in Qidong, and accelerate the landing of Qidong wujiang High-end manufacturing Cooperation Park.”The commencement ceremony of major projects in the first quarter of 2022 in Nantong city.People’s Daily reporter Ji-liang wang lighting transformation taken new engine “congress blew the ‘big catch investment, vigorously promotes the project of the signal, the purpose is to mobilize the whole city firmly establish a” project for the king, the environment is gold “concept, to do business of big breakthroughs that promote investment promotion and capital introduction, to’ jack of good new brand lighting transformation engine.”Wang Hui said this at the “Year of Business Environment Improvement” mobilization meeting held on February 8.In Wang Hui’s view, optimizing the business environment is not only a “required question” and a hard task to liberate productivity and win the initiative in development, but also a “rush question” and a sub-task to improve nantong’s competitiveness and win the new competition, so we must make more progress and take active actions.”Improving the business environment is always on the road.”Wang Hui stressed on many occasions that there is no “final version” to improve the business environment, only an “upgraded version”. We must never stop doing good things.To improve the business environment, there are no “outsiders”, only “people in charge”. We must stay focused and work hard.Wu xinming also pointed out that the improvement of the business environment is related to the city image of Nantong, the implementation of major projects, the people’s lives, and more importantly, the high-quality development of nantong’s economy and society.On The 8th, Nantong released 66 business environment policies and measures, including more convenient business start-up, more efficient examination and approval services, more intimate benefits to enterprises, more tender market supervision, and more standardized legal services.Specifically, there are “whole-process paperless, no meeting” for start-up enterprises, “self-service” and “hand-held” business licenses, expanding the scope of tax payment “credit repair” and deepening the “no-meeting” transaction of public resources, etc.”The 66 policies and measures introduced this time bring together 32 functional departments to benefit enterprises and people, covering the ‘whole life cycle’ of market players. More than one third of them are initiated or implemented by the province.Nearly two-thirds of the initiatives involved speed and efficiency.”Lu Weidong, standing Committee of Nantong Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, explained that in order to ensure the implementation of the 66 measures, the city will set up a special supervision team for the improvement of business environment, which will comprehensively inspect the implementation of each measure involving 32 departments to ensure the implementation of the whole city.A new horn for development has been sounded.Qu Yongguo, director of the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Nantong City, said at the conference that the bureau would do its best to implement the decision and deployment of the “Year of Business Environment Improvement” in the New Year with a sense of urgency that “we can’t afford to wait”.Wholeheartedly benefit the enterprise, with a sense of mission of “not slow” to continue to improve the service experience of market subjects;Speed up, with a sense of responsibility “can not sit still” innovation to do excellent project construction approval service.Qin Yanqiu, director of the Market Supervision Bureau of Nantong City, said that the bureau will act in accordance with the order, forge ahead, come up with hard measures, work effectively, and be a good builder and contributor to optimize the business environment.