Shuangyashan City Baoqing traffic police found high speed walking on the old man, intercept past vehicles to send the old man home

2022-07-01 0 By

On February 9th, shuangya shan baoqing public security traffic police brigade 2 squadron has just, BiShiBin lee, the patrol police patrolled the G229 stretch the 853 national highway high-speed mouth, found an old man is difficult to walk, civilian police immediately communicate with the old man, through the understanding, the old man surnamed wu, the 78 – year – old, is a veteran, lived in the 852 farm,Having missed the bus departure time, I decided to walk home.After learning of this situation, the police immediately hit the road to intercept several passing vehicles, but due to the route reasons have given up.Then came a white treasure jun car (license plate black RE2011), police explained to the driver of the old man Surnamed Wu, the driver said he could send the old man home.Finally, the police sent Wu to the car, and told the driver to pay attention to safety.In this cold winter, let us thank the black RE2011 warm-hearted driver, thanks to the two police patrol duty.”Harmony is the key to success, and unity is the key to strength”. All the auxiliary police of Baoqing County Public Security Bureau will devote themselves to their work with greater enthusiasm, make greater contributions to social stability, and create a good social atmosphere in which the army, police and people breathe together and share a common destiny.Source: Baoqing Public Security micro police