After hearing MAPPA’s well-crafted ED, you’d forgive Ellen

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Before today’s topic begins, Maomao would like to ask you to recall, when was the last time you saw the same color and the same sentence in B station?In Cat’s memory, the last time we saw such a high density of barrage, and today’s scene is nothing but the scene from Ed, the final season of our old friend Attack the Giant. The slow barrage on the screen is a blessing to Alan – “Fly free like a bird, Alan!”Some people said that this scene reminded them of the former B station, and some people said that it was hard to imagine that the giant could still bring us moving in the midst of constant scolding.Some people say that after hearing this ED, they really let go of Alan and the giant.Did Alan die for love?In the final season, ED made the giant’s reputation turn around, and many people felt relieved because of ED. Why did this happen?Perhaps ED is a clue.”The world is cruel, but I still love you.”The scene before and after this line, as well as most of the plot of the music video, shows Allen and Mikasin “fighting”.Perhaps after seeing the nature of the world with the power of the attacking giants, Alan chose to betray the world he had fought for in order to protect his loved ones. Just like the words in ED, “I still want to protect you no matter what I sacrifice”.Friends who have read the comics must remember the toyo lady who came to See Sanli. She was one of the few forces who supported The island, but her purpose was not only to honor the promise to protect Sanli before, but to contact the island for economic interests.That is to say, the future fate of Pajima and Samin, as well as the fate of Armin and other partners, are not optimistic.It would be better to be accused of betraying the world, and let his loved ones end the conflict and become the heroes of the world, which, I have to say, He did.To be sure, most people would be deeply disappointed to see a work that has long explored human nature, history, religion, philosophy and politics wrapped up in love.However, these problems are difficult to solve in real life, only with a cartoon work, I am afraid it is difficult to give a satisfactory answer, the author here stole lazy, but it is also completely understandable.In fact, we can see from the time That Allen really acquired the power of the original, yumer’s whole life is longing for the love of the slave master (I have to say it is quite ridiculous), so that he was shackled for 2000 years.I think it has something to do with Alan’s love for Samri, why he was able to connect with Him and make him feel understood.After all, Ellen’s “Don’t do that thing” look was really painful.The music of giants the music of giants continues to move us all the way through.From the initial impulse of “Bow arrow of red Lotus”, to the passion of “Giving the Heart”, and then to the strange sense of comfort of “Daybreak Requiem”, “Vision and the Road of Corpses” tragic, have brought us endless shock.The op in part1 of the fourth season is ridiculed as a brainwashing divine comedy, but the performance of modern war is also incisively and vividly.In addition to OP and Ed, there are many episodes that make people explode, such as “Daddy Crash”, “Call of Silence”, “You See Big Girl” and so on.An excellent film and television work is composed of wonderful plot, excellent performance techniques, excellent clothing (painting level), shocking music and other aspects, which is also the reason why The Giant of Attack still attracts a lot of attention after the bad ending of the cartoon, and the reason why Ed was deeply moved and relieved when he heard it