The 2022 BMW 740Li is here!340 HP + air suspension, 5273MM long, with Harman Carton

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The 2022 BMW 740Li is here!340 HP + air suspension, 5273MM long, with Harman Carton.The new generation of Mercedes S-Class perfectly shows the forward-looking concept to consumers. The new car has a stronger youthful atmosphere and high-grade texture, and the interior also keeps up with the technological aesthetic trend of the current market.But one thing to say is that while the S-Class is still excellent, it is undeniably expensive, and the bar is not low.In addition, although Mercedes S-class has also made adjustments for younger age, it is actually not very manageable for many young consumers.In the current flagship car market, in addition to Mercedes S-Class, there are also some benchmarking models of high standard, and the brand influence is similar to Mercedes.Not only that, in response to the market brought about by the pressure, a lot of flagship model has made a significant adjustment on price, while ensuring cost-effective at the same time, also has the function of high level experience and luxurious effect, very competitive on the market, such as today to say BMW 740 li is such a model.As the core version of the BMW 740Li, there is no doubting the car’s strength.In terms of price, we currently have a price adjustment of 122,000 yuan in the market, which has a great advantage over Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8L.It is worth mentioning that although BMW 740Li is a flagship model, it also incorporates a slightly sporty atmosphere, which is more suitable for young consumers than other models of the same class.So why BMW 740Li can be so hot in the market?First of all, the price of this car is very competitive, and this version can cover the needs of the vast majority of consumers, and BMW itself has a strong brand influence.Second, BMW 740Li’s performance in dynamic quality is much better than I expected. It is not boring to drive, but has a certain sporty texture, which is the best in this class.Third, BMW 740Li, like BMW 5 Series, has two different kits, namely luxury and sports, which can meet the requirements of more consumers.In general, BMW 740Li has a very high cost performance in the market, and this car is very competitive in both dynamic quality and appearance, so we can understand why it has such a high popularity in the market.So what is the specific performance of this car? We can analyze it together.In terms of power, the BMW 740Li is powered by a 3.0-ton turbocharged engine that produces 340 horsepower and can accelerate to 100km in just 5.6 seconds.In terms of suspension, it is still a double fork arm independent suspension and multi-link independent suspension, combined with its own chassis and air suspension layout, so that it can maintain a good state in the case of multiple sections.In the dynamic test, this 3.0T engine can bring me good power quality. At the start, thanks to the high standard gearbox, it has better ride.After the high speed, the power output is more abundant, and the lifting gear of the gearbox is also more positive, which can bring better push-back feeling in a short time.After switching to the sport mode, the whole car becomes more “tight”, lightly step on the accelerator can feel the burst of power, combined with advanced tuning and precise control layout, has a stronger driving texture.In addition to excellent driving experience, BMW 740Li also has excellent dynamic ride quality. Thanks to the air suspension and chassis layout, the car can stay in good condition under multiple road sections.Not only that, but the overall silence was good, and the car didn’t make much noise at 80 yards.The appearance of the double suite layout bring different sense BMW 740 li on the appearance design is also a senior, sport suit the car layout will have stronger visual impact, especially the large size of the headlamp unit as well as the China open layout, wide inlet coupled with silver decorations, further strengthened the style, have better effect.And luxurious suit relatively speaking will be a bit more convergence, specific is reflected in the front of the layout below.The body is sleek and luxurious, with a length of 5,273mm. With its straight waist and line shaping and L-shaped line design, it is no slouch against the S-class.In addition, BMW 740Li also carries a very advanced visual profile.BMW 740Li tail lamp group has made a big change, compared with the old version, it is more delicate and has texture, supplemented by decorative strips, further improve the atmosphere and grade.In addition, the exhaust pipe and silver trim at the bottom of the tail look more powerful.When I opened the door, many people would think that the layout of BMW 740Li would be outdated. However, after the actual experience, the overall atmosphere and style presented to me were very advanced.The whole car adopts a large number of leather packaging and high-level material modification, combined with the intelligent vehicle system and the layout of the LCD instrument panel, is to bring enough technological experience and convenience.In terms of experience, either the front or the back to be able to feel the level of the BMW 7 series, soft hard moderate fillers in combination with abundant seat features, plus itself wide space and first-class sound insulation effect, can bring about the first class level of atmosphere, in this respect will not inferior at present some of the flagship model.In terms of function, BMW 740 li has rich security configuration, the configuration of driving, sectional power sunroof, electric trunk, leather seats, heated seats, 12 haman caton acoustics, side window sunshade curtain, outside rearview mirror function, 11 color atmosphere lamp and so on a series of configuration, to give the driver and passengers with more advanced atmosphere.In general, BMW 740Li is no less powerful than other models with the same configuration and level in the current market.In addition, it also has a large advantage in price, and also has a high-level atmosphere and excellent sports texture, so in the current market, the sales performance is very good, and has been recognized by many people.