It is acknowledged that there are several Korean dramas with zero bad reviews. Each one is a classic and worth watching again. Which one do you like?

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It is acknowledged that there are several Korean dramas with zero bad reviews. Each one is a classic and worth watching again. Which one do you like?1, “Eun-joo’s Room” adapted from a Korean webcomic of the same name, tells the story of a freelancer shim Eun-joo who left her job at home. She likes to decorate her own house by herself, and in the process of decoration, she gained happiness and gradually restored a positive life attitude.This Korean drama as a whole is very dull, really is very warm, you can see everyone’s real life, and the actors’ acting is also very good, the whole drama is really more and more wonderful.The positive direction of the drama brings comfort to modern people who are tired of life.2, “signal” the play mainly tells the story of the present Interpol Park Hae-young and the past Interpol Lee Jae-han through the old walkie-talkie, through time and space to connect, and in the process of solving some long-term unresolved case story.This is a mystery play, after watching, this is very good, the whole play is very wonderful top, but also a test of IQ.The plot is well paced and every twist is engaging, with a 9.7 rating.The show is full of suspense, twists and turns, and the scriptwriter delivers a conclusion that will wow the audience.3, “are you from the stars” the play tells the story of the era came to north Korea from alien to modern mystery of 400 men all min jung (Kim soo-hyun), and as the nation’s top actresses thousands of yi quan zhixian of () in the process of love, two people of different planet to eliminate the misunderstanding between each other, to overcome the danger after the romantic love story of true love.This drama can be said to be the ceiling of Korean dramas, when the broadcast of the word of mouth and ratings win, the male and female main actors are high appearance level, really is full of hotspot.This show is worth watching twice. It’s so sweet.Zhi Xian plays the heroine has the aura, popular, with acting to make up for the age of the disadvantage.She sometimes ghost horse funny, sometimes affectionate tears, “in goddess and female neuropathy between free conversion”.4, “Ah! Because they are Male high school, So Happy” “Ah! Because they are male high school, so Happy” describes the story of two male high school students growing up with each other, and through 10 episodes to depict the story of 10 generations of teenagers, showing the two male protagonism in the boys’ high school daily life.This Korean drama network drama is still very good, really is worth brushing, there is no small fresh, only some fantasy, the whole play is really very wonderful, and men and women are high appearance level, look more and more.At the heart of the story is a pair of childhood sweethearts who love each other in the face of a vicious stepmother and stepsisters, memory loss, a love affair, and the heroine’s incurable disease.Although the story is old and a little vulgar, but the performance of several protagonists in the Korean drama that kind of heartbreaking love story to play incisively and vividly, especially Kwon Sang-woo as the car Chengjun’s deep feeling is amazing.”Please Answer 1988″ is the third series of “Please Answer” TV series, to the 1988 Seoul (now Seoul) Olympic Games as the background, tells the story of five families living in Seoul dobong-gu Ssangmun-dong warm family love and neighborhood love.When it comes to Korean dramas with zero bad reviews, of course, you can’t lose “Please Answer 1988”. This drama is really very good, with a score of 9.7. Every actor in the play is very good in acting.Today xiaobian to share with you this few recognized zero bad review of Korean drama, each is very good, the actors superb acting, wonderful story, are worth brushing, which one do you like best?Feel free to share them in the comment box below.