How far is it from Jiading to Northern Europe?Come to the Volvo Nanxiang Impression City Center store to find out

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How far is it from Jiading to Northern Europe?No need to consult the map, the answer is in nanxiang Impression City MEGA!On the fifth day of the New Year, Volvo Nanxiang Impression City MEGA City Center store officially opened.Simple and fashionable Scandinavian design style, relaxed and warm Nordic lifestyle, and exquisite and elegant Nordic luxury cars meet perfectly here. When stepping into the store, you can almost feel the strong and pure Nordic culture for a second, as if you are in Northern Europe.Therefore, from Jiading to the Nordic distance, in fact close at hand.It is the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger. As the “top flow” business circle of Jiading, Nanxiang Impression MEGA must be the shopping choice of consumers in Jiading.The location of Volvo’s latest store in the city center is undoubtedly a great convenience to the volvo-loving Jiading consumers.At present, Volvo XC40 pure electric version and S60 T8 two popular models with excellent appearance and strength are displayed in the MEGA City Center store of Nanxiang Impression City. Meanwhile, Volvo’s various new energy models, such as XC60 T8, S90 T8, XC90 T8, etc. are sold in the store.If you want to buy a car, you can invite your family to come to Nanxiang Impression City MEGA. You can not only experience the Volvo new energy models you like in the Volvo City Center store, but also enjoy the fun of food, shopping and playing in the mall, and enjoy the happy time together.In addition, if you make an appointment for a test drive online in advance, you can also choose to arrange a test drive in the nearest store, no longer waste a lot of time and energy, very convenient.At the same time, when people buy Volvo’s new energy vehicles in the city center, they can also enjoy the “full transparency of the same price in the same city”, eliminating the trouble of price comparison and negotiation. They can place orders online and have the same price.In short, with the opening of Volvo MEGA City Center store in Nanxiang Impression City, consumers in Jiading do not need to rush around and do not need to go through complicated procedures. They can look at cars, test cars and buy cars in the trendy business district close at hand, and easily unlock the new fashion of car buying!If the staff of 4S shop is based on sales, then under the new city center store model, the staff will be based on service.Therefore, in The MEGA City Center store of Volvo Nanxiang Impression City, you can not only get close contact with Volvo new energy models, but more importantly, you can enjoy the “people-oriented” care of Volvo cars.Came to the store, Volvo will arrange professional, exclusive reception services for consumers, and provide “fill it up with a tank of gas”, “for the official ceremony”, “waiting for you to nine”, “test follow about”, “taste tea”, “recommended” enjoy gifts sales six service commitments, let the consumer a sense of luxury whole process service, will be the most precious time for the most important family.In this way, buying a car at Volvo’s MEGA City Center store in Nanxiang Impression City is no longer a difficult choice, but a happy decision that can be made in the city center and on your doorstep.If you want to realize the seamless connection of life from Shanghai Jiading to Northern Europe, if you want to bring the whole family to enjoy the most incinctly luxurious and distinguished service, then, Volvo Nanxiang Impression City MEGA City Center store is the perfect place for you to check in!