Rihanna, 33, is hiding her baby bump, but still loves needles

2022-06-29 0 By

Back in New York City, Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, went out for dinner at A restaurant on Sunday (Feb. 18).Rihanna was also hosting her brother Rory Fenty and his suspected girlfriend.Holding hands with the father of her baby, both 33, the couple looked lovey-doely as they walked down the street, but the pregnant rihanna is understandably still leaning towards the needle, as she has her boyfriend by her side.While Rocky has no plans to pop the question yet, he has already pledged his love, calling Rihanna the “love of his life”.Looking beaming and full of energy in full makeup, Rihanna didn’t show any of the tiredness of pregnancy.”Rihanna recently told me that she’s not a miracle woman, and she’s tired from being pregnant, but she’s working through it, and the best way to do that is to dress up and go out.””Rihanna’s pregnancy has sparked controversy by showing her baby bump in several street snaps, even in New York during the winter months,” the singer said in a statement. “She loves not having to hide it.”But in a sign of style weariness, Rihanna finally hid her bump for dinner with Loki and her brother, while still wearing skinny, high-heeled, strappy sandals.Rihanna hasn’t announced her due date yet, but it’s likely to be five to six months, and fans will be most disappointed that her promised ninth album will be derailed because of her pregnancy.Just before she announced her pregnancy, Rihanna advertised that fans would be surprised by her new album, but now it seems she’s swapped that surprise for a bump.Rihanna last released an album in 2016.Although rihanna has been walking in the fashion of people, she is very willing to build their own trend, rocky and her boyfriend is also not of weakness, the singer was born in harlem, New York area on the same day, chose the pearly white outfit, it also set a lot of color diamond, look more dazzling than rihanna.