Beijing property market: just need to think that cheap here, investment customers do not touch

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Beijing Real Estate Association has more than 10 years of practical experience in the real estate market, has provided investment purchase advice for more than 11,000 families, Beijing is rarely from the macro market into the micro market of every transaction link of the actual experts;Accumulated field survey community more than 10000, more than 1500 trading experience;Help people struggling in the imperial capital to buy a high-quality house, take the bonus of the city’s economic growth, get a certain return!Beijing outperform the market of the house is not more than 20% of our selected funds ahead of the market concern public number | Beijing Housing will enter the knowledge of the planet to ask questions Q: Question: Mr. Beijing, read a lot of your articles, but also a simple understanding of Beijing real estate logic, benefit a lot.Now I would like to ask you about my personal situation. The basic information is as follows: 1. I have just worked for a few years.2 if you buy lize area can live, close to the company, Wangjing, Sun Palace, shuangjing, Chaoqing estimated to have to change the rent, but also do not exclude.Consult you, look according to the Angle of investment, the poly near Beautiful ze, jin Tai city feels the recent premium is quite high, 9-10 thousand feeling is bought a bit late.The other four are still the best to buy Wangjing, I want to buy two houses at this price, these areas have recommended dish?A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust!Simply take lize analysis, this plate belongs to the leading position of Fengtai, lize business district all office buildings after all delivery will gather a large number of industry and talent, the quality of the nearby plate will have a good market.If take Lize and Wangjing compared, the value of Wangjing will be more healthy than Lize, it is understood that although Lize moved into a large number of enterprises, but most of the enterprises are rented office space, so there is a hidden danger, if the fengtai government is not friendly to enterprises, they can move at any time.A budget of 9 million yuan would be more stable if bought in Wangjing.2, lize near the quality of the new last year was a wave of speculation group speculation, the current price is very high, the price of real estate investment to buy determines the future growth space, if the interest is the biggest to do the selection of the proposal to live separation, priority Wangjing, followed by Lize, Lize you choose the plate is ok.Wangjing can pay attention to Australia Kangdu, the first kaizhi Language city, The national wind Beijing these three plates.The proposal reads the article of column of planet elite seriously “Beijing real estate invests core logic and principle” wish everything goes well, have a problem can ask to me again.Q: Question: It seems that jing Zong’s article did not mention the analysis of several buildings in the area east of national Highway 104 west of Nanhai Zi.Including xi Yue Yun shang, Xi Yue Lin Yu, and Jin Cheng Yuan, Zhong Tie He Yuan, Hua Yu Fu and other new plates.Can n you give some advice on buying?Thank you very much!A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust!Wishing you a rich and prosperous New Year!No more than 20% of Beijing’s houses outperform the market, and our selection is within this 20% range, so there may be some missing properties in the article.Xiyue Yunshang Yinghai, Xiyue Linyu, Hejin Chengyuan, Zhongtie Heyuan,The five plates of Huayu House belong to the overflow of Yizhuang New Town.YingHai advantage is there a subway line 8, the future and S6 and e-town T1, close to the nanhaizi park, subway station and the transfer of land, the future is likely to build business, has its own industry, and it has been classified as e-town new town, the whole area of the interface environment is good, but the price of a few new dish target premium is higher, you’re much more likely to buy come over on guard, palazzo vecchioLikewise, yinghai’s largest trading volume of real estate is Xinghai Garden, followed by YuJingyuan, the last is Demao community;Xinghai park price 30000 6, jade jiing garden 40000 2, DE maoxian area 30000 8, the quality of the regional new dish, zichen garden, 40000, has been shut down for five years, the second-hand market clinch a deal from this area can determine, the purchasing power of the plate is not that strong, we buy a house investment focus on one of the most important index is negotiable, buy purchase price and selling rate,A lot of people will say that house prices, or which area rose quickly, property developers a pricing again, but this is your buying price, is the developer sold you the price, the real battle is the secondary market, that is to say you really in the secondary market for sale, what is the price of the first sell, how long to clinch a deal the second cycle,Second-hand really sell, it with the surrounding first-hand discount difference is how many times.This discount rate is an obvious indicator.Overflow plate I do not recommend to choose quality plate, these plates lack purchasing power for a long time, it is difficult to drive such a high price, the result is to continue to stand guard.The proposal reads the article that the planet places top seriously “Beijing real estate investment core logic and principle” wish everything goes well, have a problem to consult me again.Q: question:Beijing always good evening, just join today, see you placed at the top of the article, has been thoroughly woke up, I now Beijing housing loan ticket has been used up, Beijing households, parents and room ticket, now don’t have much money, about 200 in cash, could also find some to raise around $300, Beijing non-core plate, such as: well, shunyi, the brink of daxing, BZ also has appeared before,The current price is relatively low, is there any depression? Is there any possibility of BZ after FS this year?Can catch before rise buy, thank Beijing general manager, A: Answer: hello, thank trust!These outer suburbs rally unsustainable, you look carefully, the gains in these places may rise within six months, but rose after will have a cooling-off period of three to five years may also have been down, also is the market is not so strong, these plates are deficiency fire up, weaker value lead to purchasing power did not last follow-up,So if you go up this wave, it may be cold for a long time, and there is the possibility of falling back, the persistence is poor and not steady!In these locations, I generally recommend shipping during the rush hour rather than buying.You can clean out the main urban area of second-hand advice to read the star top article “Beijing real estate investment core logic and principle” “Beijing 7 administrative edge of the house price early warning research and judgment” WISH all the best!Q: Question: Hello, President Jing, 2 tickets for the first suite, available capital of 5 million.Want to use this money as a down payment, buy two sets of investment housing in different areas.For maximum use, how to choose?A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust!My advice may be different from others. I would buy only one set, buy high-quality plates in the core area, make the first set full, only use one ticket to eat several rounds, another ticket is free, a full ticket, the appreciation of the house in a few years can raise a lot of money, and then use the second ticket,This is the operation method of maximizing the interests of the planet to read the top of the article “in the next five years desperately change storehouse, short sale miscellaneous dish, only stay bully dish”, I wish all the best!Q: question: hello Beijing general, how do you observe the new house market of a region in Beijing without investment value, what index or know-how or approach, and how to analyze it to have investment prospects?A: answer: hello, is one of the main indicators of valuable, to buy purchase price and selling points clear, A lot of people will say that house prices, or which area rose quickly, property developers A pricing again, but this is your buying price, is the developer sold you the price, the real battle is the secondary market,That is to say, you are really listed in the second-hand market for sale, how much is the price of the first sale, how long is the second clinch a deal cycle, when it is really sold second-hand, how many times is the difference between it and the surrounding first-hand discount.This discount rate is an obvious indicator.In some relatively poor plate, almost to hit about 70% off, some more, these areas of the house to buy is a premium, absolutely can not invest.Suggest to read the article of the top of the planet seriously “Beijing real estate investment core logic and principle” wish everything goes well.Q: Question: Hello, teacher:Because the first set, the first loan, only about 200, want to consider the child to go to school,Excuse me, the south China sea as well choose hedong Shanghai salon one house home small 2 r, and choose hedong old district garden residential area of high floor 2 r A: answer: hello, the old district e-town value generally, A lot of new dish because these new district, the land is very much also, and young people congregate on quality from the perspective of investment time is A better choice.Shanghai salon and the homes of two of the south China sea plate can, wheel family that if choose 2 bedroom Beijing market is just need to drive in the past, now including the future market will be changed to improve the drive, is to improve the threshold of the minimum 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom is just basic need, and just need to groups of wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, generally must be to heat up, so the cash cycle will growSome suggestions to read the star column article “Daxing outperform the market selection map”, the article has detailed regional and real estate priority analysis.Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.Q: Question: Hello, President Beijing, the first question of the new couple, currently planning to buy a house in Tongzhou, I have seen two positions, one is The Hexheng Binjiang Dijing 138, the other is Wuyi Rongyu 99.5, which one is entangled at present?Hesheng binjiang emperor king unit price is low, the area is large, but the room age is old, Wuyi Rongyu unit price is high, the area is small, but the legend position is very good to ask, the two community after which more appreciation space?Then is this year after the Spring Festival housing prices will rise, when the appropriate ah?1. The best investment window for Tongzhou has passed, so if you buy Tongzhou with the idea of investment, you need to be prepared for long-term holding.After the beginning of the sub-center news, tongzhou led most of the real estate, resulting in the current premium;Tongzhou positioning though is very high, but the value of the weaker now, plus double limit adverse factors for a long time, after big probability is average in the city, from the perspective of real estate investment, a plate of the cycle is divided into four stages, the first is the concept of C, 2 C land speculation, the third is C, the last is C of supply and demand, this is a complete life cycle of the plates, supposedly tongzhou still belongs toConceptual plate, but the price has been overdrawn in advance.Future earnings can only see the supply and demand, to buy the new city is the logic of value in a 5 years 9/9/10 plates, if future planning tongzhou all ground value 60000 or even 70000, but the land was still in the air now sell for 670000, today if we buy the price is too high, it represents the future profits, short-term if there is no big market,You risk standing guard all the time.Tongzhou belongs to positive long-term, and not all positive tongzhou district, if must buy tongzhou, suggest to buy the CBD on the east side of the triangle, the canal is wuyi garden business circle, this location on the east side is administrative offices, is the west side of the canal CBD, the south is the canal scenery, is focus on the development of new town, tongzhou new town is focus on the development of area business center, intersection of the canalWuyi Garden business Circle is just to the west of the municipal government. This area was not the key development area of Tongzhou in the past, because after the city government moved there, the whole Tongzhou New Town planning is to the north, so this place has become the core area.This area first attaches great importance to, second, there is a large amount of capital investment, a 10 km tunnel is 17 billion.With the radiation of the canal business center, the regional quality is also scarce in the whole Tongzhou and even the whole Beijing. It is close to the Grand Canal scenery line, and can enjoy the high-quality education resources of the government in the future.Such an area is in line with tongzhou’s ultimate goal of improvement.2. How to choose Wuyi Rongyu and Riverside Imperial Landscape? The most important thing to buy a house is to choose financing, and financing is a surface rather than a point.The micro level is the choice of products.The former is the most important. Choosing the right plate is equal to the success of 70%, the location determines the future ceiling, the real estate determines the future growth.These two indicators together are the factors that determine whether your house will appreciate in the future.If the investment point of view, be in harmony the royal 01 group, in the core plate is the wuyi garden business circle, this dish has much more advantages in tongzhou, huddled in the compression area of tongzhou house suggestion to core, so the area and the potential can sacrifice one, this basically see how do you think, with 3, when appropriate, if you just need to money in place, room tickets in placeIf you have the right one, you can start. What are you waiting for?Beijing’s property market does not exist to take xia said, the real leek property market is those who have been watching.If they can’t resist buying a house, they have to pay a higher price.If you do not buy a house, to continue to endure the ravages of inflation, either way leek.What’s more, you buy is the core of high quality plate, there is no need for card in eve of rising to the core area of Beijing housing market has come to rise at the rate of visible to the naked eye, step empty risk is bigger, advice seriously reading star set-top core logic and principle, the Beijing real estate investment, the tongzhou outperform choose raise mapping wish everything goes well!Please come back to me if you have any questions.Above questions from the public, | han shu will focus on the public, han shu will enter the “planet” knowledge for questioning, craigslist