Zhangjiajie: anti-fraud against winter holiday youth self-protection publicity and education activities into the community

2022-06-28 0 By

Zhangjiajie February 19 news (correspondent Tian Guxue Li Ni) a few days ago, the Communist Youth League Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee, Zhangjiajie Volunteers Association joint Communist Youth League Yongding District Committee, Yongding District public security sub-bureau and other departments,To carry out the “anti-fraud fight cross” winter holiday youth self-protection publicity and education into the Beizheng community theme activities.The event invited police officers of the district public security bureau to the scene of more than 30 teenagers special lecture, on the form of telecommunications fraud, technical means, according to the characteristics of the young crowd vividly lectured.At the same time, volunteers at the event site also free to community residents to prevent telecom fraud knowledge publicity materials, so that teenagers and community residents to further enhance the “do not listen to do not believe not transfer” to prevent telecom fraud awareness.