Well-documented!Nan County veterans volunteer in snow removal to protect the battlefield

2022-06-28 0 By

The VETERANS Volunteer Service clears snow.Rednet moment Yiyang February 7 news (correspondent Liu Huizhi) February 7, Yiyang South county sudden heavy snow, in order to ensure the smooth road, south county to snow as the order, the county link snow deicing, a green vest team shuttle between the snow and ice, eye-catching.They are nan County veterans affairs bureau organization veterans volunteer service team, this activity has a total of 25 volunteers from all walks of life to participate in, together, disaster protection for security.Nanxian veterans volunteer team was established in 2021, with a total of 13 teams, absorbing more than 140 veterans party members volunteers. The team has carried out more than 20 volunteer service activities in the fields of epidemic prevention and control, living environment management, national defense education, safety construction, disaster relief and other fields, playing an effective and positive role.What we see today is a simple snow removal activity, but enough to catch a glimpse of the spirit of the ex-servicemen’s party members “do not retire, always go with the party”. The broom waving is responsibility, the shovel shovel is responsibility, the ex-servicemen volunteers with their actions, to build an iron wall to protect the safety of people’s lives and property.With good revitalize the veterans the human talent resources, the image of our veterans and to guide retired soldiers to serve the society, is the purpose of the volunteer service by the veterans affairs pingnan, since no veterans affairs will continue to play a leading role, said xian enabled, guide the veterans in various fields continue to contribute.