Giangli ICON store limited time special 4.66%, welcome to the store appreciation

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11 yuan can do, ICON loan home high appearance level, strong power, high technology configuration – Geely ICON down payment 10%, 36 period 0 interest, daily supply as low as 11 yuan, the day to the shop can enjoy five gifts,Car purchase can send 3500 yuan boutique gift package old customers introduce new customers to successfully buy a car 300 oil card to buy a car that enjoy 4 years or 100,000 kilometers of warranty 1 into the down payment day for as low as 12 yuan enjoy 36 period 0 interest replacement to high enjoy ten thousand yuan subsidy call the store or leave contact information will have a person to contact you can get more concessions!Promotion time: 02/07, 2022 to 02/07, 2022 Preferential conditions: In-store insurance, in-store licensing, in-store replacement, in-store loan Geely ICON latest quotation Model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price Discount range: jian quotation 1.5TD DCT I9DCT I6 BSG108,800, 104,500, 104,300, 1.5TD1.5TD Koi Fish limited edition 1.5TD Green kite limited edition 129,800 Yuan