14:56, Guangzhou team suffered a heavy blow, xu boss spread the latest attitude, net friend: demotion to reduce wages

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The Chinese Super League will resume in April, and many teams have already started training, but there is still no news of eight-time champion Guangzhou, instead of state-owned enterprises to take over and share reform rumors continue.However, after a maximum salary of 600,000 yuan was issued, all famous guangzhou players will choose to leave.On 19 February 14 point 56 minutes, a news website released the names are written xiao rui, the main content is Evergrande distraction face lost part of the elite, but anecdotal hearsay, xu boss did not have any strict request for the achievement of the guangzhou team, if you consider using CSL is recommended for complete distraction pattern, is acceptable relegation.If relegation is acceptable in football, then what player would give his all for this team?More money and less money is a driving factor, but sport is supposed to be about winning and sportsmanship, and if you don’t have either, you might as well not do it.This is the real idea of the author at the first time, I do not know what the fans feel?But a look at the comments online shows that the views are very insightful.For example, some netizens said, “Returning to the essence, returning to youth training and relying on youth training to support the future is the correct way of development.” “If you scold Evergrande, they should leave at least two Asian Champions League titles and a football school.”Among them, there is a netizen talked about the real problem, “demoted, wages can be reduced”.The author agrees with this point of view. If Guangzhou Team returns to the secondary league, it will not only lose a large number of football fans, but also make the team lose the hope of returning to the top league in the future. More players with fighting desire and strength will leave, and the remaining young players are not worthy of the maximum salary of 600,000 yuan.In other words, as long as Guangzhou team relegation, the team’s wages may be able to further decline.Now a year down, only need more than 10 million yuan to feed the team, in the stimulus league, maybe 5 million yuan.Have to say, boss Xu’s latest attitude is chilling, in the absence of performance requirements and insufficient strength of the players to support the situation, Guangzhou team was hit hard.However, as a well-known reporter of Titan Sports, Wang Xiaorui only used “anecdotal” to report the news, apparently with certain reservations.I am not sure that this is the real news, but I still have a few views to share with you.First, Guangzhou team is basically the failure of the share reform, which is a lot of fans can interpret the information.In general, it is the owner of the actual control of the team who has the innovative cap of $600,000.Before, the chairman of GUANGZHOU Pharmaceutical Group expressed his hope to continue to support Guangzhou Football, and the interview of guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group to hire professional talents was also carried out in a tense manner. If guangzhou football team’s share reform could be smoothly promoted, there would certainly be no such salary regulation that violates the rules of football.The reason is very simple. If GUANGZHOU Pharmaceutical Group invests in football, it at least hopes that Guangzhou football team can maintain certain competitiveness, allows reasonable financial investment, and does not need to cut costs too much.This time, xu boss is not willing to give up the real control of the right, more developed new rules, the basic is announced that guangzhou medicine shares guangzhou team temporarily shelved.Second, Guangzhou’s future positioning may be a high-production team in youth training.Youth training is a platitude. Many enterprises have participated in Chinese football, with huge investment in the first team and many echelon teams. However, there are very few football schools like Evergrande.If the rumor is true, xu boss also want to steer guangzhou team, so he must walk the talk, the established goals are hammered solid.Evergrande once promised to win the championship and basically achieved the whole Chinese class. Now it gives up its achievements and lets Evergrande take the important responsibility, which is to train more young players in youth training.There is reason to believe that Xu’s persistence will pay off, making Guangzhou the biggest youth export team. Then the minimum goal is to have a high youth output, allowing more young players to grow up quickly, and eventually achieving the ultimate goal of nurturing the National football team.Third, guangzhou team pay should only be phased behavior.Netizens’ opinions on the 600,000 yuan maximum salary are polarized, with some supporting it and some strongly opposing it.I think at this stage, Guangzhou team is not making decisions, the team’s young players really do not deserve high salaries, if they play, they can go abroad, they can join a better team in the Chinese Super League, the income will naturally increase.The parent company of Guangzhou team may get rid of the trouble in the future and find a profitable model for Guangzhou team.Then, of course, the salary rules will be eliminated, the team’s finances into a virtuous circle, quality players will have opportunities to join, reasonable salaries will return.The point is, Guangzhou will continue to be the benchmark for Chinese football, just adjusted to youth training and profitability.Finally, can boldly predict, Guangzhou team is only a short return to the bottom, will certainly rise again, but the need is time.If you are a fan who truly supports Guangzhou football and guangzhou team, no matter who the owner of the team is or what weird rules the team makes, as long as Guangzhou team still exists, you will still be a fan and go to the home stadium to support the team regardless of the weather.The professional stadium of 100,000 people will be completed and put into use sooner or later. I hope guangzhou team can appear on this home court as scheduled.