Outlander: 150 thousand buy 7 seats, 160 thousand on 4 drive, exquisite appearance, easy to run at high speed and save fuel

2022-06-26 0 By

Outlander is a very heavy SUV of Mitsubishi. Although the sales of Mitsubishi in China are not optimistic, Outlander still has a good dominant force.Although sales are far behind those of popular joint ventures, the Outlander is definitely a mainstay of Mitsubishi.Because of mitsubishi’s average sales, Outlander has a good discount in the end market.Strictly speaking, Mitsubishi Outlander is a second-tier brand SUV, and it is a relatively cheap SUV, even only need more than 160,000 yuan can buy four-wheel drive.You can compare horizontally, there is no joint venture SUV can achieve such a level, and the Outlander is a seven-seater model.Mitsubishi outlander overall design is more delicate, but as a seven car, its size is not large, so this also leads to the third row inside the space is quite compact, but should go out to drive the holidays or a nasty, it is more practical than a lot of five suvs, outlander, after all, the third row of seats can be put down,It’s about the same capacity as our five-seat SUV.Mitsubishi Outlander has 2.0L and 2.4L powertrain, if the budget is sufficient, it is suggested to directly consider the 2.4L Outlander model.The driving experience of this model is actually quite good. In the test drive process, Outlander behaves quite quietly, which is also the biggest advantage of the naturally aspirated model.The 2.4-liter engine has a maximum power of 192 horsepower, providing a good sense of power during acceleration and ease of running at high speeds.In test drives, the Outlander chassis did not behave like a Japanese chassis.In our imagination, the chassis of most Japanese cars is relatively soft, and the shaking feeling is obvious after bumpy road surface. However, the chassis design of this Outlander model is relatively tough, with good resolving ability in the face of bumpy road surface, and the interior is not on top of the car.And, of course, if you are the pursuit of delicate feeling friend, so this may not be comfortable with outlander, because the vehicle interior design is simple, not too many luxurious design elements, but also because such a design to pull at mitsubishi outlander price is very low, so a friend to buy up without any difficulty.If you have a budget of 160,000 yuan and want to buy a Japanese SUV with a large engine capacity, then I think the four-wheel drive version and seven-seater design of the Outlander is worth considering.As we all know, Mitsubishi’s four-wheel drive chassis or more strength, its Lynx is a very good proof.