Lakers want to skip 14+4 point guard?Rockets definitely refuse!Yes, but not until the end of the season

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Of the three players acquired by the Rockets, one European center was cut, and now the two remaining players are officially part of the Rockets. Schroder gets the Rockets’ no. 17 jersey, and 23-year-old rookie center Fernando also gets the Rockets’ No. 20 jersey.If nothing else, the two new players will play three days later in the Rockets’ road game against the Utah Jazz. After all, the Rockets’ goal this season is no longer the playoffs, but to try new players and different combinations.23 year old young center Fernando is not expected to be cut by the Rockets, after all, Theis gone, wood and Shin Jing two centers, Silas will need to provide the Rockets with a third inside.With rookie Striker Usman Garuba of Spain sidelined from injury, it is unclear whether he will return this season, making fernando’s stay a necessity.Will the 28-year-old Schroder play for the Rockets?That’s a big problem.The Los Angeles Lakers, who did not make any moves before the trade deadline, are said to be eyeing schroder, the lakers’ point guard last season, if the Rockets cut him this season.After all, the Lakers haven’t made any trade moves yet, but they’ve been targeting the cheaper and more available free agent market.Some of the buyouts are the lakers’ targets.In addition to Schroder, millsap, Bledsoe, Dragic, Tristan Thompson, Gary Harris and other players who could be bought out by their new team are all potential targets for the Lakers.The lakers are in no hurry, just casting a net and waiting for those players to become free agents, at which point the lakers, with their roster appeal, will presumably sign one or two.Will Schroder, who is averaging 14 points, four assists and three rebounds per game this season, be waived by the Rockets?The answer is no!According to rockets reporter, space City does not want to indirectly assist the Lakers to become better, as he knows, rockets sources tell him that the Rockets have no plans to buy schroder.In fact, as early as a day ago, Rockets coach Silas said that Schroeder will play an important role in the Second team of the Rockets, the implication is that the Rockets will not give up schroeder this season.In other words, the lakers would have no problem signing schroder if they were interested, but they would have to wait until schroder’s one-year contract expires at the end of the season and he becomes a free agent.But when you want to go to space City, it is basically impossible.Perhaps that will allow the Lakers to move on to other potential buyouts.As for Schroder, the chances of him wearing purple and gold again this season are very low.