Zhengzhou Foreign Language Middle School launched a series of activities called “Let the Heart be full of sunshine”

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Zhongyuan webex (Wang Yufeng) mental health is the student to achieve healthy personality, an important part of comprehensive development, zhengzhou foreign language middle school adhere to the “life-long development,” a firm foundation for happiness life of educational philosophy, adhering to the “adult is more important than success, growing is more important than success” of education thought, the new semester has conducted a “let the heart is full of sunshine” series of activities.First of all, students’ mental health special meetings were held many times.To investigate and study students’ mental health status, establish special files and standing books, form a situation of mental health work leading group, political and education office, psychological counseling center, head teacher in charge of the whole process of students’ mental health management and counseling.Secondly, give full play to the role of psychological counseling center and mental health committee.Open health education, life education, psychological counseling and other courses, so that students treat various psychological problems with a scientific attitude, and master effective psychological adjustment methods, eliminate inner confusion, consciously cultivate the indomitable will quality and the ability to deal with setbacks;Open psychological counseling room every day, according to the specific situation of students to students psychological counseling, to help students relieve emotional pressure, to help students to set up the right concept and attitude to people, things, to help them better adapt to and grow;Weekly mental health committee training meeting, teaching mental health knowledge at the same time, timely understand and master the mental health status of students in each class.Hold class teacher salon to focus on students’ mental health.Using the famous head teachers’ studio, psychological counseling center and other resources, the report “Students’ Mental health Education Exploration” was formed to help head teachers master the psychological characteristics of students, the reasons behind them and the countermeasures, so that head teachers can play a positive role in caring for students’ mental health and improving students’ psychological quality.Mr. Wang Haiyong, one of the first specially engaged family education experts of Henan education system and the specially engaged psychological expert of Henan Radio and TV station, was invited to give lectures on mental health education to all seventh and eighth grade students through the combination of online and offline forms.Increase the popularization and publicity of mental health knowledge.Use class meeting, moral education bulletin, campus radio station, propaganda column and other carriers to popularize mental health knowledge to students, improve mental health awareness.The theme of moral education in this semester is “Sunshine, self-confidence, pursuing dreams and youth”, combined with the colorful after-school services under the background of “double minus”, so that students can grow up comprehensively in clubs, labor, sports and sports activities, and enrich their spiritual life.Focus on graduation grade, carry out “inspirational youth” education activities, more care and encouragement to the students, enhance the confidence of the students to win the high school entrance examination.Adhere to the five education simultaneously, positive guidance, highlighting the whole process of education.Certificates and prizes will be issued every two weeks to find the shining points of each child, so that students can develop healthy psychological quality in full encouragement and affirmation.Editor: Liu Liya