Industrial lubrication | drawing oil, drawing powder which good?

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Drawing powder and drawing oil are two common drawing lubricants in the market.What’s the difference between drawing oil and drawing powder?Which good drawing oil and drawing powder?As we all know: drawing powder is the common name of dry “drawing lubricant”, also known as drawing powder or “drawing lubricant powder”.Its components usually include calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, stearic acid, animal and plant grease, paraffin, talc, etc., generally has the following characteristics: (1) can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the steel wire and with the steel wire into the drawing die, effectively separate the two interface deformation zone;High pressure and high temperature resistance, good extensibility and lubricity.Not only can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the steel wire, but also can be extended with the steel wire deformation, the lubrication film is layered structure, the molecular binding force within each layer is strong, the molecular binding force between the layers is weak;(4) The components of the lubricant will not react with the steel wire matrix, resulting in compounds that affect the performance of the steel wire, or corrosion of the steel wire, and easy to remove;⑤ Low cost, easy to preserve.★ And drawing oil is made up of base oil mixed with a variety of additives, such as emulsifier, rust inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, oxygen inhibitor and mildew inhibitor, etc., with the following characteristics: (1) emulsifying system is perfect: the water quality is not high, is at 60 degrees of high temperature, it will not destroy the emulsion stability, so the extension liquid is not easy to aging.(2) Suitable for high-speed line extension: it can be used at the top speed of 2500 m/min -2800 m/min for a long time, with good gloss on the wire surface and small wear on the eye mold.(3) Anti-rust: special anti-rust agent, can make the copper after drawing, maintain a long bright surface.④ Strong cleaning: low surface tension, fast precipitation of copper powder, can maintain the tank clean for a long time.(5) drawing oil lubricity is strong: because the surface tension is low, eye mold loss roundness is good.In addition to the traditional oil agent, it contains advanced lubricating agent, which can withstand high temperature and reduce the loss of eye mold.The selection of refined raw materials: wire annealed luster beautiful, help dry enameled wire and other secondary processing.⑦ Contain static preventing agent: can eliminate the attachment of copper powder after drawing, keep the copper wire clean.⑧ industrial safety: never choose harmful raw materials;Pollution is extremely low.★ Drawing oil, drawing powder which good?Wire drawing lubricant has a pull wire surface smooth, red greasy, smooth, bright, and the advantage of low rate of broken wires, but its lubricating oil wastage is large, such as poor procurement to wire drawing oil cleaning not only time-consuming, slow cooling is also very easy to damage the mould, drawing affects product quality, and high temperature in the drawing, easy ignition leads to the deterioration of the environment, smoking, and so on and so forth.And drawing powder, if the raw material mix ratio is not properly controlled, not only can not play a lubrication role on the surface of the wire but also easy to damage the surface structure of the metal wire, reduce the surface strength and toughness of the material.At the same time, lime has a large number of impurities, affecting the lubrication performance of drawing powder, and paraffin contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, thick cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, these substances are easy to cause chronic damage to processing workers.