Holiday three good news, the impact of the stock market next week

2022-06-24 0 By

Last Friday due to pre-holiday factors A share demand rose, during the holiday peripheral stock market performed well, and there are three directions of good news.1. Two departments: accelerate the development and construction of pumped storage projects during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. 2. Byd announced to stop the production of fuel vehicles, and the sales of new energy vehicles increased by 422.97% year-on-year in March.These two pieces of news belong to the direction of new energy, so it is classified as the same direction of good news.The first news is good for wind power, hydropower, photovoltaic and ultra-high voltage and other new energy sectors. These sectors were wildly hyped by institutions last year and have been adjusted for more than three months. The track capital is expected to come into play again for speculation, which can be referred to the trend of liquor sector in the second quarter of last year.The second message is that BYD will focus on pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle business in the automotive sector in the future, which will be good for the new energy vehicle sector.Byd, as the leader of new energy vehicles, saw a year-on-year increase in sales of new energy vehicles in March, which will also stimulate the relevant upstream industry chain, such as lithium battery plate.New energy vehicles, lithium battery plate and photovoltaic plate as a track direction, has been adjusted for a long time, with the announcement of the annual report, there will be a great rise in the second quarter expected.I can focus on track stocks in the second quarter. Last week, I also selected a number of track stocks as a position portfolio for the second quarter.1. The People’s Bank of China has added six cities, including Tianjin, Chongqing and Guangzhou in Guangdong Province, as pilot areas for the digital renminbi.2. Huawei Pay has been online for several months, and there are obvious changes in the introduction of the digital currency sector covering Huawei applications and some third-party applications. This news is expected to stimulate the sector to continue to strengthen.Online payment is a huge cake. With huawei’s entry, it is good for huawei’s related concept stocks, such as Jiulian Technology, Changshan Beiming, Runhe Software, etc.The real estate sector is the main hot spot in the market before the holiday, with many varieties doubled.Before this many cities to relax the real estate policy, now Zhejiang Quzhou, Qinhuangdao directly repeal purchase restrictions, the real estate plate is another good.Real estate is the fastest means to stimulate the economy, in this case, there may be more cities to relax the policies related to real estate.However, this plate early surge has been the expectation of these policies, although it is not over, but it is more appropriate to enter the market after a callback, and when all the later release is the good time to cash.Of course, if only rely on real estate to achieve economic goals in the long term is certainly not good, but now it seems that there is no better way, can only follow.In addition, the domestic epidemic is quite severe, Chinese medicine stocks may be strong again.This and real estate plate similar, can be appropriate low suction, can not go up, I think the second quarter to do track stocks will be safer.During the holiday peripheral stock market performance is good, A shares will open high tomorrow, if the volume can keep up, the market through the 30-day line is basically no problem.Otherwise, there is volatility, but above the uptrend line, every pullback is an opportunity to take a dip.